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    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    You are right.as a starter here in 2014 he had a 6-2 record before breaking his collar bone. If we get in the playoffs and he makes some noise..the Eagles are gonna have a big decision to make. They can't overlook what hes done. They way he led the eagles down field for the walkoff fg against the Texans after getting blasted. That pass to agholor was perfect. Not to mention he broke the eagles single game passing record.

    How the NFL should have had the 4:25 games Week 17

    Wallyhorse I can always count on you to dissect things and put your spin on it. I enjoy these man...Its just like that song.."Things that make you go HMM" lol

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    God I hope not. I hope he stays. If he goes to the skins..ill have a really hard time rooting against him. The dude won us our first superbowl bot to mention what hes doing now..I dont even wanna think aboht this right now..if he does go..I hope its the jags..if he wants to stay in Philly and they let him go..he might retire. Nobody ever considered that. Hed go out on top!

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    Yes we have. The dude is something special. I have confidence he can beat anyone. I havent ever had confidence in any other Eagles QB like I do with St Nick. And his teammates believe in him too..you can tell their confidence is through the roof when hes in there, They feel like they can beat anyone!! LETS GET IT BROTHER!!

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    You are right about the NFL..they like the teams that will get them the most ratings. The Eagles with Foles is a great story line. Just like they helped the Saints yesterday with that bogus P.I call early in the game. Just like the Refs screwed us in Dallas 3 weeks ago because they want dallas in.. If the Eagles are winning late in the game..you better believe those refs are gonna get the word to sway the Bears way. Its gonna happen dude. I can feel it..the Eagles are getting in. And the St Nick saga continues! And I LOVE IT!!! Great time to be an Eagles Fan!!
  6. Consider it done..The mania is returning..and it will be the mother of all mania posts..so get ready BROTHER!!!
  7. Lol..yeah I understand that..need the caffeine. Well the rams play the same time the bears do..so the bears will be playing for real. The 2 seed is on the line and they have the tie breaker over the rams. I think I'm gonna bring the maina on here this week.😎
  8. If the bears dont get the 2 seed..we would go to Chicago..6 plays the 3..and 4 and 5 seeds play each other..so it would be seattle and Dallas. I could be wrong.

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    All I have to say is..remember 2008. Anything can happen!! Stay positive people!

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    They have plenty of incentive. One..they are division rivals..so they arent gonna lay down and let the Vikings in. Two..they aren't going to let them win because they dont wsnt to give them any momentum going into Chicago the next week. The saints needed to lose ..and they should have. The saints were down 3-0 ..went for it on 4th down from like the 50..the ball was incomplete in the endzone and the ref threw the flag for defensive p.i. the steeler defender did nothing to get that call..after the ball fell to the turf..the ref threw the flag. The saints got the ball on the 1 and punched it in for the t.d. ..sickening. The league wants the saints to get home field. And the steelers lost by 2 points. Had that call not been made..the steelers couldve went up 10-0.
  11. Have mercy on idiots..they cant help it!!