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  1. Don't get jocklulated on ;)

  2. Real.....thank-you very much! :)

  3. Hey Lucy,

    I ate one of your animal crackers. Just one...ok it was four, but none with frosting...ok ok ok frosting.

    I miss you!

  4. Hi Lucy, I live in Harrisonburg Va about 100 miles ssw of manasas

  5. Hello fellow Eagles fan! (waves from NJ) What part of Virginia are you from? I have family in Manassas.

  6. HI.... WOW! You are a beautiful girl!

  7. haha, yes..I do most of my damage late night around here..haha... hop into the LNC sometime, we're not too bad :P

  8. Hi! I see your on late tonight too. What's up?

  9. Lucy is a hottie. hello fellow NJer

  10. what you doin lookin at my profile???

  11. haha didn't realize you left a comment here as well. sorry!