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  1. AceofSpades

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    So after reading that PFT article, to me it's more so Chris Simms talking about his experience and trying to pass it off on there being a potential problem between Carr & Gruden. I personally don't think there'd be a problem between Gruden & Carr. We all know Gruden's never really developed a QB but this time he's walking into a good situation with a proven QB who's looking to rebound from a down year.
  2. I think the reason the guy backed out (can't remember his name right now) is because he felt like if the Raiders were coming to Las Vegas he should end up with some type of control of the Raiders. I'm glad that fell through and they may end up in Vegas in spite of what he tried to do.
  3. I saw a story on PFT within the last couple days that San Diego could actually stop the Raiders from moving to LA. Now here's my issue with this. While I don't think it's very likely, it would be quite sketchy for them to pursue the Raiders while being willing to let the Chargers go. If they have the means and goods to try to get the Raiders to San Diego, why didn't they do any of this to keep the Chargers? Now with that said, again I don't think that San Diego will try to make the move to stop the Raiders from going to Las Vegas but I just wanted to point out that this is still a scenario that could happen.