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  1. The Browns clearly paid $16M for the 2nd round pick
  2. The Texans most definitely did not win the trade. Most people would say that because they were able to trade Osweiler for anything. But the fact that they had to give up a 2nd round pick to do it proves they didn't win anything.
  3. I don't see Mayock taking it.
  4. Exactly and because of Osweiler, he'll think he should get the contract. Since the Browns are desperate to find a QB they'd be dumb enough to do it.
  5. The Browns would trade the 12th pick for Garoppolo but wouldn't have taken Wentz? I'm not gonna start comparing the 2 in terms of how they are as players but haven't we seen players (especially Brady's backups) trying to manage outside of that system and without those coaches? They felt Wentz wasn't a franchise QB but I'd like to know why they feel Jimmy G is....
  6. I think the reason the guy backed out (can't remember his name right now) is because he felt like if the Raiders were coming to Las Vegas he should end up with some type of control of the Raiders. I'm glad that fell through and they may end up in Vegas in spite of what he tried to do.
  7. The Rams missed a golden opportunity with their color rush. They should've gone back to the classic white & blue jerseys or at least done a modern take on it with the current logo.
  8. But the spin is he should be good at that since that's all he's focusing on. What's crazy is that in his 4 years as an NFL head coach, he basically served as his own offensive coordinator and the offenses weren't very good. His offense is pretty basic and that he needs the gimmick of tempo and running 90 plays a game because his offense isn't good enough and doesn't offer much creativity.
  9. I saw a story on PFT within the last couple days that San Diego could actually stop the Raiders from moving to LA. Now here's my issue with this. While I don't think it's very likely, it would be quite sketchy for them to pursue the Raiders while being willing to let the Chargers go. If they have the means and goods to try to get the Raiders to San Diego, why didn't they do any of this to keep the Chargers? Now with that said, again I don't think that San Diego will try to make the move to stop the Raiders from going to Las Vegas but I just wanted to point out that this is still a scenario that could happen.
  10. The problem was always Trent Baalke. With Harbaugh they quickly became a team to take serious in the NFL. Baalke didn't like him and ruined the team's run and now it shows. Had it not been for Baalke maybe Chip got another season with his guy. But it was time to start over. Maybe Baalke needs to end up like Scott Pioli. Go be an assistant somewhere and re-establish yourself.
  11. I get that some Chargers fans are upset that the team is leaving. To me burning the jerseys and all that stuff doesn't really send a message. The money and all that has already been collected. The team wanted a new stadium and it became clear that wasn't gonna happen in San Diego. Now onto the Chargers, I have no clue as to why they wanted to play in that facility that is half the size of Qualcomm for now but whatever. I would think that the Eagles would wanna ask the league to schedule the Chargers & Rams games back to back so they wouldn't have to make the trip out there twice. And then there's this... That logo is quite awful. I don't even wanna repost it.
  12. It's been shown time and time again, Belichick assistants just won't be as good or as successful without him. Charlie Weis & Romeo Crennel showed that more than once. Bill O'Brien could be headed down that road. The first time around McDaniels really didn't show anything as a head coach and I'm not really sure why people are think things would be different with him.
  13. To me it makes no sense to throw an interim head coach into his first game with not even 3 days to prepare. The Rams could've waited until Friday to do this. They can beat their chest about wanting to get an early jump on the coaching search or to quickly identify their guy or whatever, but this year there doesn't appear to be that true prize of a coaching candidate. There just aren't guys out there this year teams just have to have.
  14. Gus Bradley in Jacksonville is obvious. Chuck Pagano's seat may be a little warm. That team just ultimately hasn't put it together. Potato Chip in San Francisco is looking like an obvious disaster. Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati looks to have another year without a playoff win. Rex Ryan could have already worn out his welcome. I'd say Todd Bowles may be on the hot seat but, the problem is they tried retooling instead of rebuilding. They never should've re-signed Fitzpatrick. I personally always thought he wasn't worth the money and they hurt both Geno Smith & Bryce Petty by doing that. They needed to find out if Geno Smith could've been their guy and when he got the chance he got hurt. I don't believe over the last couple years he got a fair shake from the Jets. They need to see if Petty can play and going back to Fitzpatrick as many times as they did messed them up. Also, basically fearing a mutiny also made them go with Mr. Harvard. Can't make decisions like that and as a football coach you have to do what you feel is best. Players aren't gonna like everything but they need to trust and believe in their coach. I don't see how the Rams could've given Fisher an extension regardless of whenever they actually did it. He's not a good head coach. I believe 1999 is the only year in which he made the playoffs as a head coach, he had more than 1 playoff win. I may be wrong on that but I'm sure that's the case.What about him says he's the right guy to lead a franchise? Look at how long it took for Goff to get in and play.