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  1. I'm stopping by to thank you. I had a problem this morning. I awoke and I had no wood. Now, a normal morning this would not be a problem, but for some reason it was. Now, luckily for me I still had that picture you had sent me of your wart infected snatch. All it took was a glance and things were back to normal.

  2. Comeback mommy :( haha

  3. Comeback mommy :( haha

  4. SP

    COME BACK! I've got a story for you.

  5. dammit...that was supposed to say "b i t e me"

  6. Happy B-Day!!!!

    Have some crabs:)

  7. Happy Birthday sloot!!!!!

  8. F you, Basthole.

  9. stay out of here, you F in' boogy!

  10. Never lying Truth teller That MCNABB reign just wont let up!!!!!!


  11. I think Dmac has a crush on you..Do you pay his welfare?

  12. Oh look it's my baby. You look hungry sweet thing, want a "snickers" ? lol :)