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    Your top 3 worst Super Bowls since 2000

    I think that 13-3 game last year was the worst since 2000. Rams offense was sickening. Second for me was the Seahawks vs Steelers in Detriot . Seahawks were so screwed by the officials and that should have been a down to the wire game but the officials cost the Seahawks 10 or 14 points. Third, the Denver vs Carolina game was good defense by Broncos, but Cam and the Panthers offense was a huge disappointment.

    Reid Brings McNabb In To Speak To The Chiefs ??

    I agree with most of your assessment. And full disclosure, I was 100% Ricky Williams as the choice at that draft, but 20 years of hindsight, Andy made the correct choice for what he was trying to build and it was a success that just didn't win it all. McNabb could aggravate at times, but it was a decent career with a lot more wins than losses. Now, I'm betting by 10:30 tonight, Mahomes is going to show that his confidence is strong in the biggest game and will deliver Andy his Lombardi trophy. McNabbs overwhelming weakness, I believe, is he got tight in a few of biggest games of his career - which Mahomes won't do.

    Thank you Eli

    Lost a lot vs the Eagles but overall had a good career and won 2 rings while denying Tom Brady and the Patriots. I can salute Eli on those grounds.

    This is Andy Reid's Year

    I would be happy to see him finally win it all. Can't say I would be so generous if the Eagles didn't get one. I still think he will figure out some way to lose to the Titans or 49ers or Packers. But maybe Mahomes is good enough to overcome anything.

    Luke Kuechly

    With his concussion history this isn't a surprise. He probably figured with a new coach and Newtons status undecided, it is going to be a rebuilding project that won't get them back to the playoffs for 3 to 4 years and he would be 32-33 by then.
  6. That team really has so many pieces in place. He did blink on that 4th and one play and then compounded that mistake on the fake punt. I would keep him another year, but expect it all to come together and at least be in the AFC championship game.

    The Evil Empire ending?

    Here's my prediction for the 2020 Patriots - if Brady comes back they finish in 3rd place in the AFC East. Brady's arm strength is gone. The only way they stay on top of the AFC East is getting a legit starting QB. Bills are going to take over the division in 2020.

    Dallas Cowboys 2020

    I'm suspecting what is really going on in Dallas is that greedy Jerrah is trying to convince Garrett to stick around in some front office role because he doesn't want him coaching the Giants. If I was Garrett, I would be telling him "keep me as coach on a 5 year extension or cut me loose so I can interview elsewhere". Personally I'm more hopeful they lose Kris Richard just to disrupt their defense.

    The 21st Century NFC East: The first 20 years

    For the run of success the Eagles had since Andy got here, it was fortunate the team finally won the title in 2017. For all the success during the last 20 years, it would have cheapened the era with no trophy season. Of course I always, until the Super Bowl win, stressed about that NFCCG loss to the Bucs. Much like the Eagles 2017 success, so many coincidental fell into place for the Bucs. Getting Gruden set everything in motion for them. I still can't believe the Raiders let him go.
  10. GNS_CLFD

    Cowboys could lose Cooper & Jones in Free Agency

    I watched both Cee Dee Lamb from OU and Olave from OSU closely this weekend and they look like they would be sure fire playmaker pros. I still want to see Arcega-Whiteside get some chances on the field, but he hasn't proven much in the limited time he's been on the field so far.
  11. GNS_CLFD

    Cowboys could lose Cooper & Jones in Free Agency

    I still remember Demarco Murray. Ugh
  12. GNS_CLFD

    Week 14: Cowboys @ Bears

    Jerry's not going to be a happy boy
  13. GNS_CLFD

    And now Michael Bennett...

    Bennett can go to the damn Cowboys. In spite of last week, the Cowboys aren't a Super Bowl team. At best they win the NFC East and are the 4th seed. I still say the Eagles need to get their house in order and just start playing together starting against the Bills tomorrow.
  14. GNS_CLFD

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    2 things I've picked up on watching the coverage about Luck the last 12 hours: 1 - I believe another thing that played a big role in his decision is that his wife is pregnant with their first child. 2 - Indy fans better be harassed for decades for their booing of him last night when he was walking off the field - same as all Eagle fans have been tagged for the booing of Santa and the selection of McNabb at the draft.
  15. GNS_CLFD

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    I think he is done. He's a very intelligent guy and I'm sure he's had enough of the injuries and wants to get on with the rest of his life. As for the Colts, I think Frank Reich will put something together with Brisett. They won't win 11 games like they might have with Luck, but I think they will be more competitive than you think. That AFC south is totally wide open for any of the 4 teams now. Foles has a great shot with the Jags too.