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    Travis Frederick Retires

    This is a big loss for the Cowboys. His priorities are his wife and kids now. It sounds like he might still be having effects from GB syndrome.
  2. I say Raiders and that is a ridiculously easy home slate. Barring a major injury to Mahomes, 13 plus wins look in store for the Chiefs.
  3. It seems like he excels when he has no pressure to build up. I'll always savor the memory of how he stepped up and just lights out played in the NFCCG and SB.
  4. Is he being given the job now or is he competing with Trubisky in training camp?
  5. I agree. His physical skills held up remarkably into his 40's, but you could see the degradation as last season wore on. Losing Gronk was a big blow to the Patriots offense, but I don't think even he would have made much of a difference. Of course Tampa fans will have months of excitement thinking they are getting the 28 year old TB. But by the time December rolls around, they'll be headed to 6 or 7 wins tops. Of course the league will love 2 Brees vs Brady match ups.

    Amari to resign in Dallas

    Jerry is really loading all his cap money on Zeke, Cooper and soon Dak. He still thinks it's 1993 and he can bring back Aikman, Emmitt and Irvin.

    Stefon Diggs Traded to Buffalo for 4 Picks

    Glad he's gone from the Vikings, but I'm thinking they'll be using one of their 1st round picks on a WR now.

    I am not sure that there will be a NFL season...?

    If this is still an issue in 5 months, we probably won't be worrying about the season. It is alarming how this is crippling the economy so quickly. A relative works for a manufacturer that relies on parts from China and he told me Monday they are running out of inventory fast and doesn't know when the supply chain will open back up.

    CBA discussion thread

    That 17th game is a ridiculous idea. The 16 game schedule is perfect. It breaks the season into 4 quarters with 4 games each. Also think of the chaos of who gets the extra home game. Imagine if the Cowboys win the NFC east because they got a 9th home game and the Eagles only get 8 home games. And these out of country neutral site games aren't fair either. And leave the playoffs alone too. I do agree less preseason games.
  10. GNS_CLFD

    Your top 3 worst Super Bowls since 2000

    I think that 13-3 game last year was the worst since 2000. Rams offense was sickening. Second for me was the Seahawks vs Steelers in Detriot . Seahawks were so screwed by the officials and that should have been a down to the wire game but the officials cost the Seahawks 10 or 14 points. Third, the Denver vs Carolina game was good defense by Broncos, but Cam and the Panthers offense was a huge disappointment.
  11. GNS_CLFD

    Reid Brings McNabb In To Speak To The Chiefs ??

    I agree with most of your assessment. And full disclosure, I was 100% Ricky Williams as the choice at that draft, but 20 years of hindsight, Andy made the correct choice for what he was trying to build and it was a success that just didn't win it all. McNabb could aggravate at times, but it was a decent career with a lot more wins than losses. Now, I'm betting by 10:30 tonight, Mahomes is going to show that his confidence is strong in the biggest game and will deliver Andy his Lombardi trophy. McNabbs overwhelming weakness, I believe, is he got tight in a few of biggest games of his career - which Mahomes won't do.
  12. GNS_CLFD

    Thank you Eli

    Lost a lot vs the Eagles but overall had a good career and won 2 rings while denying Tom Brady and the Patriots. I can salute Eli on those grounds.
  13. GNS_CLFD

    This is Andy Reid's Year

    I would be happy to see him finally win it all. Can't say I would be so generous if the Eagles didn't get one. I still think he will figure out some way to lose to the Titans or 49ers or Packers. But maybe Mahomes is good enough to overcome anything.
  14. GNS_CLFD

    Luke Kuechly

    With his concussion history this isn't a surprise. He probably figured with a new coach and Newtons status undecided, it is going to be a rebuilding project that won't get them back to the playoffs for 3 to 4 years and he would be 32-33 by then.
  15. That team really has so many pieces in place. He did blink on that 4th and one play and then compounded that mistake on the fake punt. I would keep him another year, but expect it all to come together and at least be in the AFC championship game.