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  1. FLY EAGLES FLY!! Good morning board mates. Getting hot out here in Vegas can't wait till August! Since the Eagles play twice in Cali we are going to the Rams game. My buds that have season tix are coming to Vegas then we are renting a van and gonna invade LA with midnight green. Anyone else going out to the game let me know. Maybe we can get a little Philly tailgate party out here on the OTHER coast. Have a good day and great weekend.
  2. You don't need to cover anyone if the front 4 smash the QB every down. I like the front seven the Eagles are gonna put on the field. Strong, smart and fast. Btw, not a football thing but RIP Chris Cornell. Lead singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave. His voice defined the 90's grunge scene. RIP brother hope you found your peace.
  3. Or move up and grab Fournette. This kid is going to be a star RB, let's make him our star RB. Let me tell you that he will be a decent RB, but he will not be nearly as good as Elliott. Just to let you know that you heard it here first. McCaffrey will be a stud in the NFL. He has speed, vision, balance and can be a weapon in the passing game. He played on a pro style offense so will adapt much faster. IF the Eagles do go RB in the first round (Which I am against) McCaffrey is who I want. Fournette is not the type of RB that is suited for the west coast offense.... FLY EAGLES FLY! Fournette is a pounder and our offense would have to change if we drafted him. I agree McCafffrey is the RB I hope they draft. He reminds me of the great Brian Westbrook in style and ability. He has been in a pro offense so learning curve could be shorter. Big question can he pick up blitzes?
  4. FLY EAGLES FLY! Good morning from Vegas fellow board mates. Here's my opinion on the Kelce situation. When the O-line had continuity and they stayed healthy Kelce was rated as one of the best centers. He could pull, make line calls, and generally anchor the line. What happened in a couple years? Having to pick up the slack for guys being hurt, rookies, or players traded to the team. When you don't trust the guy next to you, you start to overreach thinking I gotta do my job and help him. Lets give Kelce the benefit of the doubt and see how he plays this year with healthy (fingers n toes crossed) line. If the o-line stays healthy and he keeps getting beat or not making/holding blocks, then I'm all for getting rid of him. When the line was healthy talk was he was one of the better centers. That's my 2 cents worth.
  6. Bummer for the team but good for us fans out here on the west coast. Won't have to fly can drive to both games in LA. I do see your point but isn't it worse going west to east? I know when I go home for a visit, I'm eating bfast and yous guys are eating lunch.
  7. FLY EAGLES FLY! Is it September yet? At least they play in LA twice this year. I will go to at least one of those. Being in Vegas its only a 3 hour drive if we don't stay over night. I haven't been this optimistic since they hired Chip, unfortunately my optimism was short lived and misplaced. I see a "team" in year 2 coming together, looking toward the future instead of win NOW. I want them to win as much as any fan but doing it right will keep us competitive for several years not just one year. Have a great day Eagles board members.
  8. RIP David Wood, thanks for taking care of the zoo and the animals. I loved this zoo! I had a girlfriend that lived in Norristown and I lived in Conshy, so on the weekends I had to take the bus then walk to her house. The zoo was right on my route and I loved seeing the animals. I would even bring snacks with me to give them, today I would probably be filmed and arrested for it. Cool little zoo in the middle of Norristown.
  9. STUD DE in the draft will make our CB's look much better. Pass rush hides or compensates for average/good CB's. Sherman looked bad against Julio Jones(everyone does) because no pass rush from Seattle. I love BG's motor but we need a guy that teams have to account for every time he's on the field. A stud DE matched with BG's pressure, then Fletch coming up the middle, can you say SACKTACULAR. <--- Corny I know, just so excited for FOOTBALL this year. Although March Madness is my second FAV time of year. NOVA NATION baby, picking Villanova to repeat!!
  10. Great, great guy but ok DE. He is a outside LB and a team that needs that will gladly pick him up. Thanks Conner for being a teammate the Eagles and the "D" needed. Good luck in the future.
  11. Good first step. Get him in and working with Carson.
  12. PASS RUSHER! That makes any defense look good. Brandon is a high motor guy and I love him, but Vinny Curry aint cutting it. If you pressure the QB the back end only has to cover a few seconds. No rush and it doesn't matter who you have on the back end. Sherman did nothing against Julio and he's supposed to be the best. No pass rush from Seattle this year. Please, Please, draft a stud pass rushing DE. That's this old guys opinion.
  13. FLY EAGLES FLY!! Is it August yet?
  14. You can load the box and make the QB and WR beat you. If you don't have the receivers that can separate than offense goes no where. Running back is not the biggest need definitely WR and DE. If you can get the QB off the spot like they do with Eli, than you can win. No rush = Aaron Rodgers killing you. Ask the Cowpies. I think defense should be first because defense wins games, offense puts butts in the seats. Good for me this year, the EAGLES will be out west twice this year. I'm in Vegas so may go to both. Anyone going to fly out?
  15. I was EXTREMELY upset when they got rid of Dion Lewis! I believe New England pick him up from our practice squad. I could be thinking of someone else, but I think it was him.