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  1. vox populi

    Concerning DirecTV

    exactly. It doesn't work. What they will do is give you a small discount on the ticket. And I do mean small. And it makes sense. DirecTV has paid the NFL over 1 Billion (with a B) dollars per season for exclusive rights to Sunday Ticket. They are not going to give it away for free to old customers year after year. Use yer noodle, people. If you've got one.
  2. vox populi

    Concerning DirecTV

    If you read up on the details of the Viacom dispute, you would discover that it is Viacom that is getting greedy. I'm backing DirecTV in that fight. Screw Viacom. Their channels and programming are mostly for 12 year-olds anyway. The only show I would miss is The Daily Show and Colbert, but I usually stream those, (or clips from them). Rarely do I watch either on my tv. Viacom is committing suicide and they'll do the same thing to Dish and the cable companies when those contracts run out. DirecTV isn't the bad guy here, it's Viacom.
  3. vox populi

    Concerning DirecTV

    Thanks for the heads up! The difference between Max and Basic for me is the Red Zone channel, which I really enjoy. Not worth an extra 100 bucks, though. I don't care about the replay features because you can get a better deal streaming past games directly from NFL.com, which includes the coaches film. From NFL.com, it costs either 39 or 69 dollars, depending on if you want to include your tablet and smartphone. For those that don't know, the rundown on Sunday Ticket Max vs Basic is the following: Basic - All games Live in HD, Mix Channel of up to 8 games simultaneously, Player Tracker of up to 18 players (for you fantasy geeks), Real Time stats and scores (unnecessary if you have a smartphone, tablet, or computer), NFL Sunday Ticket on demand. (I honestly don't know what that is) Max - All of the Basic plus - Every game Live on your tablet, smartphone, or computer, Red Zone Channel, Short Cuts (see every game in 30 minutes or less starting on Mondays) The only thing on Max that is worth having is the Red Zone Channel, but 100 bucks is too much for it. All of the other services can be had on NFL.com for less money.