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  1. 15 minutes ago, Iron_Eagle_04 said:

    Can't hate them for this one.  The Eagles have only themselves to blame.  They should have won today.  Foles just flat out couldn't hit anything.  

    I don't hate them for this one...I hate them for everything else.  I hate them for winning a Super Bowl before us.  I hate them for Bountygate.  I hate them for their arrogance and constant stat padding.  I hate them for running their mouths in their building but once they're on the road they're trash.  I can hate them if I want to and I do.  Not as much as our NFC East foes, but it's close.  Them and Pittsburgh.  

  2. 2 hours ago, EazyEaglez said:

    His mind should have been lost when he won the Super Bowl when he threw up.

    And choking several times in the playoffs.  I don't blame him for all of the games (Arizona for example) but he came up very small against Carolina (I know he got hurt), Tampa Bay and he looked like a clown playing air guitar before doing nothing against Dallas while Vick threw a touchdown to Maclin.