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  1. Playing in the NFL is a privilege not a right. Sure you can refuse to take drug tests, but you're gonna lose a lot of money when you get suspended. If my employer tells me to take a drug test, I have a choice to make...find a new job or just take the test. If my job pays me millions and my only other options are to make much less than millions ...Id just suck it up and do it.
  2. mogwi411

    Giants fans, Talk About The Giants

    I'm scared of the Giants. According to Gettleman they hired "4 computer folk" and then he mumbled something about software under his breath....that sounds like one heck of an analytics department LMAO. Who knows, maybe it'll help them find a great "big pusher blocker guy" or a great "catching dude".
  3. Bwahaha, not nearly as funny as Terrance williams falling off his bicycle and lying to cops but still hilarious. He got that 1 piece hold the soda.
  4. mogwi411

    Week 10 Open Discussion.

    Minnesota had it pretty bad last year lol.
  5. mogwi411

    Dak vs. Wentz

    Dak stats from last 16 games 294/468 62.82% 3166 yards, 16 TDs, 14 Ints 6.1AY/A Wentz stats from last 16 games 331/519 63.78%, 4268 yrds, 41 Tds, 7 Ints, 8.62 AY/A
  6. LOL, it's like the perfect play to show how inept the Cowboys coaching staff was on Monday night. Play starts at 9:12 Dak fakes handoff to zeke, tosses to Beasley on a reverse...not really a reverse cause zeke's run fake is up the middle. Schultz ignores the MLB who makes a mess of the play. But even without Schultz deciding not to block the whole thing is stupid. 2 minutes left, down by 2 TDs. According to espn the win probability for TENN at that point was 98.9 percent...why burn a trick play there? The initial inception of the idea was dumb to begin with. If they wanted to run that play, they should've ran it earlier. There's limited time to rep trick plays with the CBA's reduction in practice time, it's a waste to run it when you'd still have a very low win probability even if successful. Play motion before the play to get defenses looking one way, zeke up the middle on a fake draws all the eyes to where beasley and dak are. Running the play with dak....dak is a mobile qb, defenses are more attentive to his ability to run unlike with Foles and Brady. Beasley is going from left to right, Dak is running his "route" to the left boundary. Beasley has to stop his momentum, spin around, run back to his left and now you are asking a right handed, non-QB to throw while moving to his non-dominant side which makes the job harder than it has to be. Either that or if Beasley continue to run to his right on his "reverse" he now has to throw across the field against his body. Terrible play design. Here you have a trifecta of problems... bad play design, bad decision on when to run the bad play, bad execution on the bad decision to run the bad play.
  7. mogwi411

    What’s the excuse for Dak now?

    it's not all Garrett's fault. Dak is so beta, he's like Old Mcnabb. Thows an early INT and then he's scared to throw the ball the rest of the game. Once the cowboys are behind and not expected to win anymore he starts throwing the ball downfield and getting garbage yards while doing his best alex smith impression. 1) was a 3rd down play where dak took a strip sack. 2) not sure where dak is trying to run or why he decided to run, looks like a good pocket to me
  8. It just amuses me because he just got choked out by Khabib Nurmagomedov....also known as "The Eagle".
  9. The jags have some big offensive issues atm. Their starting left tackle is out and their backup is also out. They just signed Ereck Flowers...that's how bad their oline is, they actually went out and got the guy that was so bad on the giants line that the giants had to cut him. Fournette is out as well. The cowboys offense is meh but their defense got better in a hurry. That dline has a stupid nickname but they are an athletic bunch and have been disruptive. Their linebacker play from LVE and Jaylon Smith is no joke and byron jones is quietly PFF's top rated CB after moving over from safety. Yeah, I get it, it's PFF but Byron's been playing good ball. They aren't good at safety but the rest of that d shouldn't be underestimated, they've kept that putrid offense in games they had no right being in. Initially I thought that the D was just playing really well and they'd drop back to their average but they haven't really dropped off. I feel like their game with the Jags was similar to ours with the Giants. 2 teams with terrible offensive lines, and mediocre to bad qb play. Both eagles and cowboys scored early on their respective opponents and were able to score consistently and those defenses eventually just quit knowing their offense wasn't going to allow them to win the game. Neither the cowboys or the eagles d were really tested due to how bad those offenses were this past week.
  10. mogwi411

    SNF Chiefs @ Patriots.

    Common OT
  11. mogwi411

    SNF Chiefs @ Patriots.

    No, I'm factoring that in. If AR didn't have those deficiencies he prob would already have a ring. My point was that I think Mahomes is talented enough to maybe make up the difference whereas McNabb and Smith aren't. I'm also not just limiting that to this year, I mean over the rest of AR's career.
  12. mogwi411

    SNF Chiefs @ Patriots.

    Mahomes might be the qb who finally gets AR a ring. He's had some good qbs but they've been flawed. McNabb with his inaccuracy, Smith with his hesitation to attack a defense deep, Mahomes seems to not have either of these deficiencies.
  13. They had a good win today. Similar to the eagles win over the giants. Jumped on them early on offense and got after their qb on defense. Their dline and lb play has been excellent this year and they seemed to have solved their Sean Lee issue with LVE. Jaylon smith has been a handful for opposing olines. Their putrid offense got going today, looked like linehan actually tried to use a scheme other than everyone run curl routes. I don't think Eagles or Cowboys or r-word team for that matter are consistent. Not really worried about the cowboys, we'll see where everyone is when we play them. For now, just gotta take care of the panthers and hopefully after the bye week the eagles can get healthier.
  14. mogwi411

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    Josh Gordon > Jordan Matthews jus saying
  15. mogwi411

    Week 6 Open Discussion.

    lol r-word team, panthers ran the same play twice for td and 2 pts