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  1. robmarina9

    The Call People SHOULD be Complaining About

    I would tend to agree. Alhough in the Rams game. That was a bad and obvious DPI on that 3rd down call. On the roughing the passer call in the Chiefs game. That gave Brady 15 yards and a 1st down and it would have been 3rd and long if they don't make it the game was essentially over. with less than 2 mins left. In addition on the offside by the DE on the last drive, they normally warn the guy before they call it. If they had warned the guy. The Chiefs would have kept the pick and game was over in favor of the Chiefs. This was all on the last drive(s) for the Pats. So Yes it's OK to call the game bad early in the season or early in a plyaoff game. But not on the last drives of games, where a "fix" or a "bad call" will decide the game in favor of one team over the other. They should have not been given the roughing the passer penalty, could have stopped that drive and Chiefs win. In addition why don't you warn the guy if your offsides like they normally do and especially on the last drive in regulation? Chiefs keep the picked ball game over to Chiefs.. Yes the fix was in for Brady. What else could it be. I just know :) Poor Andy... may never win a SB. 1st it was Pats stealing the signs back in the 1st Pats Eagles SB, then McNabb puking on the 2 min drill at the end. In addition, why was the defense not making some adjustments on Brady. The whole game Brady moved the short passes at will Romo was calling the plays. Reid's loyalty to Sutton the DC will cost it again like it cost it 2007 and now rhe 2008 season. If Romo knows what is being called why not the DC. In addition for the whole game, he had the same personnel out there. Why not try others to switch it around...
  2. On Dec 16th week 15 the NBC night game at 5.20pm local time is Eagles 2-3 @ Rams 5-0. Right now the Rams have a 3 game lead over the Eagles. Who knows what the records will be by week 15.... But...Regardless of their records then. It will still be a great game.Wentz v Goff. the battle of number 1 and 2 QB seeds in the 2016 Draft.. This was the game that Wentz got injured last year and Foles won the game.. Rght now Rams are in pole position in the NFC. Too bad the Seahawks couldn't knock them off today. I know there are 10 more games to play before the Eagles play the Rams... Eagles need to fix Offense, and Defense, and just gave up 2 games which were pretty much self inflicted wounds v Vikings and Titans. But should be a great game regardless of what the seedings will be for potential play-offs...