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  1. brennan77

    Anyone going to New Orleans this weekend?

    Btw, if any of you make it down, make the ride uptown over to Stein's Market and Deli. He's from Philadelphia and is an Eagles fan. He also makes the best non poboy sandwiches in the city.
  2. brennan77

    Anyone going to New Orleans this weekend?

    Ok. I'm going to push back on this. As someone who works in the French quarter and downtown, I'll say that tourists complaining about the filth and smell of bourbon street is a little rich. They are the ones that put it there. It's washed away and sprayed with chemicals every night. And every day, more come to pour beer and bodily fluids everywhere. Now I am grateful for everyone's tax dollars, but don't come here, get plastered and participate in the debauchery and then fly home to complain about it. I'm not saying that's you in particular. But you could have gone to many, many amazing places and had amazing experiences with amazing people who would have treated you as their own. Take a tip from a local next time. Don't go to bourbon street and expect anything but....bourbon street. Unless of course you are going to Galatoires. Then that's different. 🙂 Honestly, it's a damned shame that so many people allow a 4 block stretch of one street inform their opinion of an entire city.
  3. brennan77

    Anyone going to New Orleans this weekend?

    The Saints were in the NFC West prior to the expansion which created the South. It used to be Saints, Rams, Falcons, and 49ers. So the connection there makes sense. Also, Dallas isn't too far away and Terry Bradshaw is from Louisiana. So it's not hard to see why some people here would latch onto those teams while they were playing well.
  4. brennan77

    Anyone going to New Orleans this weekend?

    Just the usual suspects from the success of the 80s and 90s. There's a noticeable presence of Pittsburgh, Dallas, and SF fans that tend to pop up when they are doing well. It's local people that grew up pulling for the front runners while the saints were terrible. That said, the last 15 years have brought a lot of transplants. But most of them get sucked into the Saints fan way. It's hard not to pull for them when you're here.
  5. brennan77

    Anyone going to New Orleans this weekend?

    We have really great fans and a sold out season ticket base. But New Orleans isn't a huge market with a lot of money. I've had tickets in the terrace for 17 years. It was literally $15 per game before Katrina. It's still only $57. Face value for the playoffs are $95 for the same seats. A lot of the people in those sections are solidly middle to lower middle economic brackets. While we love the Saints, some people need the money. It's been my experience that the aftermarkets are driven by the pain threshold of the visiting teams. Those same tickets were going for $300 for the Pittsburgh game. Combine affordable tickets with mild weather, world class dining, historic neighborhoods, great music all within walking distance to the stadium and's a great place to visit. It's a great place to live for that matter. I hope some of you can make it and have a blast. I also hope you drown your sorrows in the French quarter after the game. But I do hope you have a good time. 🙂 If anyone needs recommendations for food and game day plans or whatever, hit me up. I'll do my best.