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  1. PhillyPhreak611

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    A buddy of mine spent the whole game ****ing and moaning over Facebook. hes very salty...and I am enjoying every second of this ?
  2. PhillyPhreak611

    18 Games: An Offer The NFLPA Can't Refuse!

    So you want those games to take place at 1am on Columbus Day, and midnight the day after thanksgiving in London?
  3. PhillyPhreak611

    Concerning DirecTV

    Thank you. I noticed I didn't have a Philadelphia zip code entered and that's why I didn't get abc cbs fox or NBC listed...just their on demand affiliates. my next question is, do you get Steelers games with a philly zip code? My brother is a steelers fan
  4. PhillyPhreak611

    Concerning DirecTV

    If this is on Playstaion are you watching the games? They only have fox on demand. Unless I'm missing something