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  1. Do NOT wear it. Enough said.
  2. Septa lots. Free parking on Sunday. Plus this Sunday starting at 1 PM. the Broad Street Subway is FREE compliments of Miller Lite !
  3. Mr. Bednarik lived in the same town as me and we belonged to the same church. I always saw him and and we occasionally spoke about different things. As tough and nasty of a reputation he had, he was very soft-spoken and kind, which is the side most people don't know about or believe. He was also a very generous person in the community which received no publicity at all, and he would have wanted it that way. Deep down he was still an Eagle at heart sporting a custom plate he had on the back of his green pick-up truck he drove. He is gone now, but I think of him every time I look up the hill towards his tombstone and look forward to the day after we finally win a Super Bowl I will be able to walk up to his grave and tell him that "This ****** drought is OVER !!!!"
  4. Holiday Inn Express Downtown on Walnut. They have a connecting parking garage plus offer free breakfast. Several Bars are withink walking distance and the Braod Street Subway is only a block away. (Take the subway to the game and save $$$ on parking)