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  1. Predictions Sure to Go Wrong

    Rasul Douglas a steal in the third. He'll start. Sidney Jones, Douglas, Jalen Mills as a long term backfield I'll take that all day long
  2. Predictions Sure to Go Wrong

    Vols for life. With Alabama, I don't know, I don't see the results. Kirkpatrick, Hightower, Mosely, Dee Millner, Rashland, HaHa, Kareem Jackson, Mark Barron, and a slew of others in recent years were suppose to be sure fire difference makers but everyone I listed are either busts or just respectable. No real game changing impact players. Collins has moments. Just my opinion. I agree with you that Allen is probably for real, with him like I said I think it was more the medical. I haven't researched a ton of it but I guess that are real long term concerns. With Barnett I'm sort of with you that its "safe" but at the same time it seems Douglas has more control. Its classic Ozzy Newsome to trust the board and stick to it. What about the Sidney Jones pick? I kind of like this as a long term play, there's still a chance he plays this year and they may have pulled off getting one of the top players at both positions in this class. Just occured to me Eagles could very well land Alvin Kamakura (butchered it) too. Another Vol and another outstanding player at his position. I'd dance a little.
  3. Predictions Sure to Go Wrong

    I think it is all obvious at this point that the league has something on Jonathan Allen's medical that we fans just aren't privy to. OJ Howard I get the love but Foster wouldn't even be on my board. Alabama linebackers, line their secondary players, fool people into thinking they're better than they are every year and he certainly doesn't look like so much of a difference maker that I wouldn't risk all of those off the field issues constantly spilling into the locker room
  4. Predictions Sure to Go Wrong

    I would say yes. Our secondary was dreadful but a pass rush that is consistently getting to the quarterback helps. Cox is the only real difference maker we have on the defensive line. Graham has been ok lately but I think we desperately needed a real blue-chip quality DE long term.
  5. Predictions Sure to Go Wrong

    I know I am probably all alone with my excitement of getting Sidney Jones because he won't be able to play right away but this guy's injury isn't like Jaylen Smith's nerve damage. Got maybe the best defense of end in the draft at 14 and then maybe the best corner in the draft in the second round I'll sign up for that any day
  6. Predictions Sure to Go Wrong

    I'm no Vol alumni but they are my favorite college team as well so win-win for me. But honestly to fans and media it might seem crazy that we passed on those players but remember so did a bunch of other teams. Alabama may be a great college program that knows how to win championships at the college level but people in league circles have come out saying a lot of the general managers and coaches hate the way players are being pounded into dust there. These Alabama players just aren't the prospects they get hyped to be.
  7. How Many Owners in the League...

    True but it's promising. Wentz looks like a franchise QB, both offensive lineman we drafted in the middle grounds look like they can start. Jalen Mills has certainly had his problems with some of the top-tier wide receivers but has mostly looked like a starting corner or at the very least a starting nickel corner. Wendell Smallwood should have been getting more touches. Considering after our first round pick for the quarterback that most of our pics were all mid to late round selections I don't know how it doesn't look promising
  8. A Team That Lacks Discipline

    The F?
  9. Dave, I have a favor to ask...please

    Yeah Seattle did that. Very nice.
  10. Dave, I have a favor to ask...please

    Never mind, I'm wrong, I thought the black power fist was a different gesture but it's not. F that's disappointing
  11. Dave, I have a favor to ask...please

    I hear you I'm just saying that isn't a Black Power fist. The BP fist is different.
  12. Dave, I have a favor to ask...please

    I think these protests are based on a media driven lie, but to be fair, those weren't Black Panther fists. It turned out not to be that big of a deal. Totally disagree with it, just saying.
  13. Dave, I have a favor to ask...please

    If they made a demonstration to bring awareness to the fact that cops are 18.5 times more likely to be shot and killed by black civilians than black civilians are to be killed by police, or that the 15% black community is responsible for nearly 60% of violent crime in America, I might get behind it.
  14. Dorial Trade

    Love the trade. Dorial has been a tool before getting drafted but with this team desperate for legit blue chip talent at WR, to land one for nothing more than a subpar backup lineman is a steal.
  15. And you left me sit there and starve. Thanks for nothing. At least I got this free WiFi at the public library.