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  1. uncphillyfan

    Eagles Fans in North Georgia

    From Frsnklin born and raised. If you need help with anything let me know!
  2. uncphillyfan

    Eagles Fans in North Georgia

    Nothing in the area. I’m a huge fan in Franklin. Maybe we should start a fan club!
  3. uncphillyfan

    Titans September 30

    Actually got two already. Can't wait. Go Birds!
  4. uncphillyfan

    Titans September 30

    If anybody has connections in Nashville please let me know. My golf mentor and second mother has battled cancer for 10 years. She gets treatments in Nashville once a month. I take her for these treatments. She has an appointment the Friday before. My wife and I would like to go. Not sure if my friend will have enough stamina for the game. So if anyone has access to 2 or 3 tickets please let me know. Thanks. Go Birds!
  5. Scott.  Hey man. Just wanting to check out Saturdays game safely online.  Can you email me?  Thanks.  Hughie(uncphillyfan)


    Thanks again!


  6. Hey schuy,  Did you get me email?  Uncphillyfan- hughie.holland@frontier.com.  I was looking for the preason site.  Thanks!

  7. I am sick and tired of being sick and tired