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  1. Nah, wager on the Eagles and Giants record. If you're serious, PM and we can set that up.
  2. Wager?
  3. Indeed. Pumped for the season. OL will be intact and Carson will have legit weapons.
  4. I see us at 2-1 with a loss to either Dallas or the Skins
  5. Good. Get that cheatin a** outta the position of influence. He was terrible and showed a heavy bias towards the Cowgirls.
  6. Yea, I don't think he has it all LOL. It's like, Chase Daniel asked for a release because he felt he was a starter in the league. So, he signs in New Orleans even though we know he isn't starting over Drew Brees. Maybe Chase is looking at 2018 and the fact that Brees may not be with the Saints. Maybe Foles had opportunities and just didn't like the direction those specific teams were headed or the money being offered. RTK is just special. He said that Randle is sitting at home purely because of his reputation LOL
  7. *Yawns* You don't know if he was offered an opportunity to start or not, you aren't his agent LOL!
  8. LMAO!! Yo, you're crazy! Stop arguing with yourself and don't lie to make an argument. I didn't say he would or wouldn't. I asked a simple question LMAO!
  9. Eh, I guess... Let me know when he can toss 7 TDs and 0 Ints in a game while sitting out a majority of the 4th qtr though. I'll wait patiently.
  10. No, you absolutely did not give me any facts regarding the question that I asked LMAO! Again, I asked how do we know all of the "said" teams (in regards to Vince's statement) would be interested in Sam if he were on the FA market? C'mon bro, you're better than this LOL!
  11. Knock it off. Don't talk to me about facts. You butted into a conversation that I was having with Vince where I asked him to give me facts regarding his statement and your reply was "reality" LOL! I also have to remember who I'm debating with here. You're the same guy who said Reuben Randle was 2nd best WR on the team...even though he was cut, never got picked up and....is still on the street as I type this.
  12. Yea, you're a troll lol
  13. Oh, so no links or rumors or anything to substantiate these claims.... Just "reality" ..... Lmaoooooo
  14. 1. Foles asked for his release 2. Foles' option wasn't picked up because KC's cap was severly hamstrung and they needed to get money for Berry. They also have a starter who they have money invested in. This is too easy
  15. What is all this based on? Show me