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  1. Dak is definitely a good QB. To me, his success is just tied to Zeke. If Zeke is rollin, the playaction is nasty. If Zeke is contained, more than likely, Dallas will lose that game.
  2. He's got 7 dropped TDs on the season. The one you're speaking on, is the one against NE. Also, Goedert dropped a dime against Detroit. 2 TDs dropped that blow my mind are the one Ertz dropped against Miami and the one JJAW dropped against the Skins last week. Hell, I'm still pissed about the TD they rescinded in week 1 with Alshon. He was definitely over the LOS
  3. Folks are still making excuses for Dak, I see smh. Dak is top 5 yards thrown for (granted, alot of them have empty calories because he had to throw to get back in the game), yet, he'll be sitting on the couch come Monday morning. Dak is having a career year, yet, his team is 7-8. Wentz had a career year, he was 11-2 and arguably the leagues best player that season. However you slice it, Wentz is better. Again, there is a reason Jerry hasn't wrote that check. He knows what everyone else (who has eyes) knows
  4. I said it 2 years ago..said it again last week. Wentz is easily better than Dak. We gotta stop the comparison
  5. LesDawg1978

    Dak has shoulder injury and broken index finger

    The more you post, the more it makes sense smh. Wentz just carried PS players and struggling defense, to 2 wins that were absolutely needed to keep our season alive. Do you even watch the games bro?
  6. I agree to a certain extent. I think earlier in the season, he was adjusting to a new scheme (until he found us in week 4 smh..but that's another discussion). He was absolute trash against SF though. I can understand for sure, what you're saying though. no question
  7. Top 5? In what league? The NFC? He's playing better than Russ, Mahomes, Brees, ARod, Kirk Cousins? I won't even mention Lamar. Do you know what team led the league in dropped passes from weeks 1-9? It was the Philadelphia Eagles. Do you also know that Carson Wentz has also had 7 TDs dropped? As far as the leadership crap, that's a bunch of BS. You have an "anonymous" quote from one person..but then there were about 20 teammates who came out publicly and put their name on it and said that wasn't the case. Let's use our brains here and figure which scenario may be the correct one. Dak has lifted his game every year since his rookie year? Really? So you think his 2017 and 2018 seasons were better than his rookie year? I find that very interesting but..whatever Dak and this leadership thing is also overrated. Didn't Amari Cooper come out after the game against NE and say it's hard to do anything with only 2 targets? Who was that aimed at? Didn't he have some issues with Dez? What we have here is Dallas fans who are trying to paint a picture. Anyone who can evaluate QBs will tell you that Wentz is better than Dak. The reason you have to add in the leadership and intangibles is so that we can make it comparable and I can respect that. You know what speaks volumes to me though? The best owner in the league (who will spend money btw) and one of the best talent evaluating teams (Stephen and Will Clay) in the NFL, if Dak is who Y'ALL say he is, why hasn't he been secured for the long term? Why are talking about him possibly getting the Kirk Cousins treatment? Through week 15, Wentz and Dak have played about equal. You can take either for your liking..and you can also make a case for taking the other as well. The glaring issue is, one has been without his #1, #2, #3 WRs..#1 RB for a considerable amount of time this season while the other has missed his WR2 for 2 games & his WR3 (for one game).
  8. LesDawg1978

    Eagles vs Cowboys NFC East Division Race

    Some of these posts 😂
  9. LesDawg1978

    Eagles vs Cowboys NFC East Division Race

    This years Eagles team doesn't deserve to make the playoffs. Sure, we can win the division but then what? Get smashed at home in the first game? Like @mike030270 said, 2 catches..and I'm talking right in your hand, non contested, easy catches..and we're 7-2..tied for the 2nd seed with New Orleans and Seattle. We hold the tie breaker with GB Good teams don't make mistakes like that and if they do, they're corrected and rarely show their head again. We've had issues with drops the entire season except for game 1. I won't even get into the horrible job Doug/Groh are doing on the offensive side of the ball. Schwartz has been better as of late but he still stinks and we can never hold a solid lead anymore.
  10. LesDawg1978

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    Contracts aren't (as much) about what you've done. It's more about what you're projected to do going forward. The Eagles were smart in signing Wentz now because it will be a bargain in 2 seasons from today. Dallas knows Dak isn't the straw that stirs the drink on that team and that's why they don't want to pay him that kind of money. They may not keep Zeke long term and they have seen Dak's work without him. That may all tie in together.
  11. LesDawg1978

    Shango and The Dallas Cowboys Show

    This dude keeps it real
  12. LesDawg1978

    OFFICIAL: Nick Foles 2017 option not picked up by Chiefs

    Yea, I don't think he has it all LOL. It's like, Chase Daniel asked for a release because he felt he was a starter in the league. So, he signs in New Orleans even though we know he isn't starting over Drew Brees. Maybe Chase is looking at 2018 and the fact that Brees may not be with the Saints. Maybe Foles had opportunities and just didn't like the direction those specific teams were headed or the money being offered. RTK is just special. He said that Randle is sitting at home purely because of his reputation LOL