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  1. I hope I’m not the only who saw the thread title, loled, and said "what rivalry?”
  2. Greg Garrity

    Is Antonio Brown worse than Terrell Owens?

    He did not too long after he was suspended for conduct detrimental with the Eagles. As for it being "half-assed” and whatever..... hey man...... Whatever makes you feel better about hating him and being wrong about him not apologizing and AB being not as bad..... idgaf.
  3. Greg Garrity

    Is Antonio Brown worse than Terrell Owens?

    T.O apologized too.
  4. Greg Garrity


  5. Greg Garrity

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    This entire season has been Carrbage Time.
  6. Greg Garrity

    Is it time for Fox and CBS to have doubleheaders each week?

    If you don’t live in an NFL state like I do, then hell yes.
  7. Greg Garrity

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Then you should probably just STFU and lurk in another thread then. This thread is barely about Carr as it is. And I’ve seen him play too damn much. He doesn’t have the balls to be a starting nfl qb, let alone a franchise qb. He’s been doing the same things he’s done since he was a rookie. - his footwork is still shoddy - he’s athletic but doesn’t display it nearly enough - horrible under pressure - pocket presence is lacking. - has no balls. And you have to have balls to be a good qb in this league. He will not throw the ball down the field on money downs and he will make a token check downfield only to throw a short dumpoff time and time again. You better be wide open because he still doesn’t know how to fit a pass in a window in a zone. he’s talented. Dat arm talent and all that. Really quick release. He’s quite athletic too. But talent without production (and courage) isn’t franchise qb worthy.
  8. Greg Garrity

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    It’s now official. Nick Foles > Derek Carr l o l
  9. Greg Garrity

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Nick Foles 2-1 and NFC Champion qb Derek Carr 0-0
  10. Greg Garrity

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Is that his 2nd head coach he got fired? Or 3rd?
  11. Greg Garrity

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    It was apparent early on when I stopped paying attention to this thread..... Carr is holding this team back. He has no balls. If there is any kind of pass rush on a play, he becomes a coward and panics. Unless a guy is wide open or it’s a jump ball situation, he’s gonna dump it off. He throws short of the first down marker all the time. What’s just as amazing is that Carr ‘has been under pressure just 24.5 percent of his dropbacks this season, which ranks him No. 2 in the NFL for the fewest such snaps for quarterbacks with at least 140 dropbacks this year,’ per PFF. So... he rarely gets pressured but when he does, he becomes even more of a coward than normal. He is Oakland’s main reason why they have been so bad on offense. Maybe the injury he suffered last year is still in his head? Idk. He looks like the same guy he’s always been since he came into the league. Where are all the great audibles and checks I heard about? But dat arm talent doe....
  12. Greg Garrity

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    This thread still exists, huh? Derek Carr is probably the biggest coward of a qb I’ve ever seen, given dat arm talent.
  13. Greg Garrity

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    I hope you guys never have the misfortune of watching Carr's usual game, ie what he did today. 33-44 283 yds 3tds no ints 6.4 ypa And of course the usual CarrbageTime Td pass and yards when the game was practically out of reach this dude is absolutely FRIGHTENED of throwing the ball down the field. He has no balls whatsoever. He's got a great arm, but without the balls to use it, Oakland is constantly dinking and dunking even to their wrs. It's a friggin waste of talent. His o-line gives him ALL FRIGGIN DAY to throw. hes holding them back from being truly special. They have the talent to beat Atlanta. ESPECIALLY at home. Wth man.