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  1. Greg Garrity


  2. Greg Garrity

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    This entire season has been Carrbage Time.
  3. Greg Garrity

    Is it time for Fox and CBS to have doubleheaders each week?

    If you don’t live in an NFL state like I do, then hell yes.
  4. Greg Garrity

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Then you should probably just STFU and lurk in another thread then. This thread is barely about Carr as it is. And I’ve seen him play too damn much. He doesn’t have the balls to be a starting nfl qb, let alone a franchise qb. He’s been doing the same things he’s done since he was a rookie. - his footwork is still shoddy - he’s athletic but doesn’t display it nearly enough - horrible under pressure - pocket presence is lacking. - has no balls. And you have to have balls to be a good qb in this league. He will not throw the ball down the field on money downs and he will make a token check downfield only to throw a short dumpoff time and time again. You better be wide open because he still doesn’t know how to fit a pass in a window in a zone. he’s talented. Dat arm talent and all that. Really quick release. He’s quite athletic too. But talent without production (and courage) isn’t franchise qb worthy.
  5. Greg Garrity

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    It’s now official. Nick Foles > Derek Carr l o l
  6. Greg Garrity

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Nick Foles 2-1 and NFC Champion qb Derek Carr 0-0
  7. Greg Garrity

    Belichick/Brady coming to an end?

    You’re so mad. Lol. You mentioned a bunch of facts that have NOTHING to do with the Kraft/Brady/Belichek Power struggle. All you’ve really said is, ‘I don’t believe it!’ And that’s all you had to say. Everything else you’ve said was either irrelevant, really bad jokes, and equally bad flames. Lol
  8. Greg Garrity

    Belichick/Brady coming to an end?

    You are so mad. Lol.
  9. Greg Garrity

    Belichick/Brady coming to an end?

  10. Greg Garrity

    Belichick/Brady coming to an end?

    That question ultimately comes down to who do you think is more resposible for their success and SBs? Patriots first 3 SBs, I think it’s more Belichek 70%/Brady 30% that last couple SBs, Brady 60%/Belichek 40% but Kraft probably thinks Brady is more of the reason for the teams success than Belichek and sided with Brady going ‘until he turns 45’ instead Belichek possibly trading Brady/moving forward to Jimmy or Jacoby.
  11. Greg Garrity

    Belichick/Brady coming to an end?

    It’s not about just Belichek. I believe it’s just as much about Brady. I think Kraft thinks Brady is more responsible to their ‘dynasty’ than Belichek. I think he never wants Brady to leave. But you just KNOW Belichek will get rid of Brady one of these days. It’s what he does. If you don’t retire, he’ll get rid of you. Kraft wants Brady to stay until he retires as a Patriot. His choice was the best qb of all time or best coach of all time. He chose the qb. So Bill is probably gonna bounce.
  12. Greg Garrity

    Belichick/Brady coming to an end?

    I think Belichek either retires or goes to another place after this season. I don’t think he wanted to trade Jimmy G or Brissett. He was looking to the future for when Brady retires or ‘falls off the cliff’. Hell.... he may have even thought about trading him because nobody plays football forever. Get what you can and move on. But Brady thinks he can still play till 45. Belichek doesn’t believe that nonsense. I think the presence of Jimmy and Jacoby offended him. Notice.... Brady NEVER leaves games. Nobody ever gets snaps but him. Even in blowouts, Brady stays out there. He probably told Kraft to tell Bill to get rid of them. Bill ain’t staying after this year. Hopefully he retires and doesn’t go to the Giants.