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  1. eaglesfan0075

    Week 9: Raiders @ Forty Niners

    Well the undrafted rookie did much better than I thought, but then again it may just be the Raiders being that bad too. Kittle had a great game and Breida not so much, but can't really whine about Raheem Mostert stealing Breida's thunder after that gruesome injury. Ouch!
  2. eaglesfan0075

    Week 9: Raiders @ Forty Niners

    As long as that undrafted rookie gets the ball to George Kittle and Matt Breida it's all good.
  3. That's a bold suggestion considering the team's history in drafting WRs. He was the only reliable WR the Eagles had the first few weeks of the season. Even with Alshon Jeffrey back, I wouldn't consider Agholor easily replaceable. The team is going to lose a lot of players in the offseason anyways and needs to use those precious early draft picks to fortify the O-line and D-line.
  4. eaglesfan0075

    Josh Gordon UPDATE: Traded to the Patriots

    If he gets his act together he could be the Dez replacement the Cowboys have been looking for. If the Eagles can find a way to bring him in, they can prevent this from happening.
  5. eaglesfan0075

    Raiders agree to trade Khalil Mack to Bears

    Perhaps the Bears determined the Packers with Khalil Mack would further the talent gap in the division and felt the need to catch up in the arms race? On offense, you can see the influence of the Eagles 2017 offseason with what the Bears did in free agency so far. If you look at what the Packers have been able to do this offseason with their new GM, it's pretty impressive for a guy in his first year in the role. Picking up an extra 1st round pick for 2019 and still draft two first-round caliber CBs in Alexander and Jackson, along with the free agency acquisitions of Graham and Wilkerson is pretty solid work for a rookie GM.
  6. eaglesfan0075

    Seahawks offered 2nd round pick for Jacoby Brissett??

    Our backup QB for arguably their best defensive player, sounds good to me haha
  7. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000949509/article/report-hawks-offered-2ndrounder-for-colts-brissett Apparently Seattle isn't joking around when it comes down to looking for a quality backup to Russell Wilson. I doubt the Seahawks are a team the Eagles would want to trade Foles/Sudfeld to, since they are in the same conference and it would clearly be a backup job (unless Wilson gets hurt). However, I could see the Seahawks go after Teddy Bridgewater as the article suggests.
  8. eaglesfan0075

    Eli Apple DONE As NY Giant

    There might not be as desperate of a need, but it is certainly an area that can still use improvement, especially if Patrick Robinson walks in free agency. Would be an interesting pick up if the team decides to take a chance on him
  9. As someone who has Benjamin on his fantasy football team, I wonder if the increased number opportunities in Buffalo outweighs the downgrade from Cam Newton to Tyrod Taylor? Should I consider trading Benjamin in my league? After losing Odell Beckham for the season and seeing the value of Davante Adams go down after Aaron Rodgers went out for the season (I recently traded Adams and J. Winston for Keenan Allen), not sure what to do with Benjamin now.
  10. eaglesfan0075

    Post Your EMB Questions/Concerns Here

    Yeah, same here. The mobile version is the only version that works now.
  11. How about we see the rest of that avatar?

  12. The 49ers are on the clock, make your pick by 9:30 today or it will be autopicked.

  13. attyg3, the Cowboys are on the clock (again!). Please make your pick by today ASAP or it will be auto-picked tommorrow

  14. The Jaguars are on the clock, make your pick by 9:30 today or it will be autopicked.

  15. The Seahawks are on the clock. Make your pick by 9:30 today or it will be autopicked.