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    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    The Rams are the least frustrating of the other 3, but I struggle with McVay (who stole Pederson’s Coach of the Year) and the hype machine surrounding the team. ‘Detestable’ may have been harsh
  2. gaitherfan

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    Yes. 1000% yes. the other 3 teams are filled with detestable players and coaches... and he’s still one of Philly’s best ever.
  3. gaitherfan

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    The Bears can’t think like that. That’s not how football works. The NFL is an any given Sunday league. Bears will come to play, if you don’t see that, you’re crazy!
  4. gaitherfan

    Will the Cowboys be a threat this year?

    Smith is a better QB for what they want to do offensively, IMO.
  5. gaitherfan

    Will the Cowboys be a threat this year?

    A threat to what? A threat to win the division? Nah. A threat to general well being and public health since the team and fans are infested with cockroaches? Yes.
  6. gaitherfan

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    Butler came back late for curfew with weed in his pockets. Then supposedly got belligerent with coaches when they called him on it.
  7. gaitherfan

    Super Bowl in Minneapolis?

    I spent a month in KY one week...
  8. gaitherfan

    Maybe Howie should have grabbed Kareem Hunt

    I don't think Mills can play nickel effectively. He's not fluid enough. If he drops out of the starter role, he's the primary backup on the outside.
  9. gaitherfan

    Kaepernick still no job

    This thread is a cesspool of awfulness, but not sure why I expected otherwise.