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  1. ckudrick

    Ongoing Derek Carr Thread

    Maybe ... the next Aaron Rodgers? 😉
  2. ckudrick

    Giants fans, Talk About The Giants

    I think that Eli WILL get into the Hall of Fame. I don't think that Eli SHOULD get into the Hall of Fame. The two Super Bowl wins, especially the one over the undefeated Pats, will get him in. He was durable and has played for long enough to accumulate big numbers on passing yards, TDs, etc. But he was never a top 5 QB in his era, has a career .500 record, never led the NFL in any notable QB categories ... except for interceptions, which he did three times. He's look great at times, awful at others and has mostly been average to above average. I don't think he's ever looked great for a sustained period of time, certainly not over any entire season. I know that my opinion will come across as biased because I am an Eagles fans but I really don't hate Eli. He had a very good career. Very good is not great. He should absolutely be in the NYG Hall of Fame. But not the Pro Football one. He is not an all-time great at his position.
  3. Genius??? The cap can always be maneuvered but the Cowboys have cost themselves so much money in waiting to do these deals that it's not even funny. The price tag goes higher every day & every deal that gets signed before they get around to it.
  4. Jerry had all the leverage & Zeke still made him pay. 😀
  5. ckudrick

    The Double Doink Broke Matt Nagy

    Karma for not paying Robbie Gould ...
  6. The problem is Zeke. Dak will get paid because QBs, even merely above average ones, get paid. Cooper will get paid because good to great WR get paid. The problem is paying a RB big money. It's just not a smart decision cap-wise.
  7. ckudrick

    Daks Agent wants $34m per year

    But Wentz has already been paid and Dak has not.
  8. There's a rumor that Douglas has turned the Jets down, supposedly over a salary disagreement of $1M.
  9. They lost their baby boy at 15 weeks.
  10. Yes, we know. But it is bizarre that you bump this thread every few months, just to restate it.
  11. ckudrick

    Is Tyreek Hill's career over?

    Docking the team on what basis? The guy was eligible for the draft. The Chiefs haven't violated any rules. And do you honestly think the NFL cares? They don't. The tape came out on Thursday before the draft & the NFL/NFL Network made no mention of it until the next day. They didn't want to take the shine away from the draft. I hope he never plays again but he will. Talent trumps character, unfortunately.
  12. ckudrick

    David Irving suspended indefinitely

    I don't disagree. BUT, weed is still illegal, still appears on the list of banned substances, and these guys get paid a ton of money. If they can't lay off it, even with that kind of incentive, then I don't feel sorry for them.
  13. ckudrick

    Case Keenum Traded To Washington

    Which also involved the Broncos picking up half of the reworked salary in Year 1.
  14. ckudrick

    2019 Hard Knocks - Who gets it this season?

    Raiders or Giants made the most sense. Raiders for reasons noted above & Giants because it's New York.