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  1. krzyroone07

    Eli benched

    Sorry, I don’t see anyway this can be rationalized. The offense just stinks and I’m not sure you can find a half a dozen other quarterbacks that would significantly improve the product with the deficiencies they have in personnel and coaching. Geno is Geno, you know what you have in him. And seeing what you have in Webb is not worth the cost of losing the locker room. For a guy like Manning, whose been a franchise quarterback for more than a decade and a half, has been the QB of two superbowl winning teams, and who is supposed to be a leader, this is something that should happen in an offseason when you’ve had an opportunity to lay out a strategy for the upcoming seasons.
  2. krzyroone07

    Eli benched

    This is a situation where the owner should intervene and fire the coach/GM before the night is over. This is a brainless, gutless decision and there is simply no way to rationalize it considering the current Giant QB depth chart.