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  1. Nice to see you live up to your name. :-)

  2. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. :-)

  3. Would you like to find out?

  4. A lady on the his arm & a tiger in the sack?..... :whistle:;)

  5. Are you just cloning around?

  6. We love you, wegot. You have our support.

  7. Hey Reebs, like the new personal pic. :-)

  8. I think that we have found a new way to kill threads,,, LOL We can just Zappa them ;-)

  9. We have officially Zappafied WU. Good job, friend. :-)

  10. Approve me and we'll see ;)

  11. Welcome aboard. Fasten your seatbelt, you may be in for a wild ride. :-)

  12. I'll second rich's ststement. :-)