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  1. KC. Why? Reid will never win a Super Bowl, that's why.
  2. Team's off to a fast start, this team does not show up small in big games or against tough opponents, this team does not play down to its opponents, this team does not fall victim to trap games, and this team is tough as hell and physical. This is not another Andy Reid team, to hell with the coaching tree BS. Props to Pederson.
  3. A pos crap human, no thanks.
  4. Asked to and agreed, best I can tell. Whether that came with an implied threat I donno. Tod Heremans did not like it and said so.
  5. Hate that they made Celek take a pay cut. Such a quality guy, and still a damned good football player, the best all-round tight end on this team. Hate it. Like that 1 mil will make a difference in anything. The good guys should be treated with respect. Hate it.
  6. Steelers, Fat Andy's game mangement insanity will seal the deal.
  7. Please. Andy Reid will never win a Super Bowl.
  8. Let go by the Jets. Left Belicheat to coach under Schwartz with the Bills. The answer for an underperforming D line?
  9. Remind me again when Dallas wins the Super Bowl.
  10. The D has under performed, Schwartz has that cocky attitude that probably doesn't mesh in the NovaCare, players are publicly questioning Schwartz' play calls and Lurie made clear he loves Gus. Not calling it but don't be shocked..
  11. Come on man, Reid isn't winning anything. ?
  12. I am forever amazed by the failure of reasonably intelligent people to understand what "freedom" means.
  13. I actually have sympathy for his stance, but he's surely dead to Chip Kelly now.
  14. Absolutely miss the show
  15. Would not be stunned if Burton's productivity eventually surpasses Ertz.