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Status Updates posted by Lloyd

  1. Did you just ask if Trot was cut to make room for a trade?

    Are you a total idiot or is this a joke? Learn football. The guy can't play.

  2. Are you really orange juice?

  3. Cram it, F-****.

  4. Destroy me? Get in line, chief. You aren't the first hater to try. Jealous bastage.

  5. do u play pokemon, bro?

    1. bandwagon


      Probably. We can if you want to next time you come over but I'd rather shave your chest and eat the hair.

  6. Does it hurt your feelings when people call you TATEr? You always talk about it and that makes me think it hurts you deeply. Don't cry. Sometimes people are just kidding. =)

  7. I'm a big fan of how you make sense and stuff.

  8. I'm gonna tug you like an old sweater

    1. bandwagon


      I like turtlenecks. I like fire too.

  9. Madmart, don't let these haters bring you down

  10. Of course I know Ron! How's he doing? That crazy son of a gun.

  11. R.I.P. you F'n no good loser. I'm sure I'll be seeing you soon on some lame clone account, since you're not man enough to walk away. Heh.

  12. squirt

    1. bandwagon


      you don't squirt like I *squirt*.

  13. Stay out of my profile, perv!

  14. Stay out of my profile. It's for smart football fans. Not little kids.

  15. terrible poster. you're lucky I'm even taking the time to acknowledge you.

  16. Thank God Mahe's back. People like you doubted me. I hope you learned your lesson.

  17. Thanks for the support! I love all my fans.

  18. Tonight. Same time, same place?

  19. What up. I'm Lloyd. What's your name?

  20. Winter isn't the only thing that's coming...

    1. bandwagon


      Nice shot Lloyd. Fruity. You've been eating pineapples lately haven't you.

  21. You're not very smart, but you care.

  22. Your mom's on vacation this week.