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  1. hpowner

    Is Jon Gruden in way over his head?

    I’m not even a raider fan, and he had me screwed up when he traded one of the best defensive players in the league. What he did rivals what that *insert expletive*chip kelly did when he released DJax and traded Shady. Un-freaking-believable
  2. This is so sad and pisses me off.Shady should have never left, along with DJax. I'd love to have him back,but I feel it may be too late.
  3. I literally called this when he was drafted. I knew something would happen just cause-you already said it- it's the browns.
  4. Alonso soft punk arse running around like he made a play on the final drive. He gave up plays all game long. He's still trash.
  5. Damn. cut/trade harbor or celek,and make a strong push for Aaron
  6. Sept 11-Eagles @ Rams...Been waiting for this hour since the loss to GB in the playoffs back in jan

  7. When did EMB turn into myspace/facebook?

  8. Damn... your avatar is hotter than mine.Who is that?