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  1. Great! I probably will never join but got for when i am bored...... There should be a brian dawkins board. Maybe I should start one.
  2. Nice to see a female who is a die-hard Eagles fan. What's most impressive is your love for Wolvie (Dawk) should visit some of us Eagles fans at the Redskins (I'm Number5) its good for football talk and smacking NFC East rivals, plus you could add more ammo to our Dawk is better than ST or RW debates!

  3. A female that loves the NFL? And can talk intelligently about her team? And cute at that! You're a dream to a lot of cats on here - don't let them stress you though. Welcome.

  4. Welcome to the EMB.

  5. Welcome aboard. Fasten your seatbelt, you may be in for a wild ride. :-)

  6. you're cool and all, but i'm in love with terilyns