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  1. selassieyouth

    Patriots at it again

    I highly dislike the Pats. But I have always gave them the benefit if doubt. This latest "incident" is the 3rd strike. Its not a where there is smoke there is fire type of incident. The video footage is DAMNING. This is not a part of any documentary. The footage the public FINALY GETS TO SEE is very clear. The Pats now require an astrisk. And they should be disciplined HEAVILY. Draft picks, fines, and more draft picks. CAUGHT RED HANDED is the only way to describe this.
  2. selassieyouth

    Chargers Potential Move to London is messed up

    I think crossing the pond weekly is stupid and I totally agree the the International Bowl would be totally far fetched because I dont think Europe can sustain more than one team in reality. And to be clear I think one team may struggle to keep fans invested, so 8 is way more than far fetched.
  3. selassieyouth

    Nick back at practice today.

  4. selassieyouth

    Chargers Potential Move to London is messed up

    The only way it could work is with 8 teams fighting for the London Cup or some ISH. Than MAYBE the team that wins the London Cup plays the team who wins the Super Bowl. Do this to replace the stupid Pro Bowl and call the title the International Bowl. Basically you would have,to have a team or two in each Eurpoean State. I cant really see this inseason international travel thing working on a week to week basis.
  5. selassieyouth

    Chargers Potential Move to London is messed up

    Well I agree with you in totality. But in the spirit of the subject. I feel like the NFL is set on getting football to the UK. If they make this move with one team its going to be a logistical nightmare for that one team 8 times a year. Seems to me you would need at least two divisions in Europe to pull it off. Personally I dont know that Europe would have enough of a fan base to pull off that many teams in the first place. I think the entire idea is not the greatest in the first place.
  6. selassieyouth

    Chargers Potential Move to London is messed up

    I agree. If they want football in London they need at least a few teams. One is stupid. You cant have one team having to cross the ocean 8 times a year. If there are 8 billionares in London that want to own teams I think 8 is the magic number. It would take 8 teams, 2 divisions to make NFL expansion into the UK possible. Maybe a REAL international championship game could replace the pro bowl or something.
  7. selassieyouth

    Nick back at practice today.

    Nick getting the start. I dont think there will ever be another guy who leaves the team that I will care to follow more than Nick. Dawk was similar. I just had to watch.
  8. selassieyouth

    Nick back at practice today.

    I absolutely loved this scene. I mentioned it before the season in another thread. NICK Finally became Jason's favorite player... "That guy won a Super Bowl...... FOLEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSS."
  9. selassieyouth

    And now Michael Bennett...

    Dude wasnt coming back here.
  10. selassieyouth

    Nick back at practice today.

    Yes. That is my opinion. I have not been impressed with Gardner to be honest. He has flashed but over all he looks like a young 6th round draft pick. NICK will be back.
  11. selassieyouth

    Nick back at practice today. Looks like Nick will be back week 11. Didn't see it posted anywhere if it has been.
  12. Jason Garret might be a better coach than Doug Pederson RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT.
  13. You are RIGHT..... Has it really been so long that I forgot that. Yes. Yes it has. We are getting old folks.
  14. 4th and 26. (My bad. This was the packers and nearly 20 years so I slipped.) NFC title game, chants in Philly, followed by the COMPLETE dismantling of their #1 defense. SUPER BOWL in the PURPLE PALACE. Pretty sure they hate us yes. I don't really think about them all that much so they may feel like it's a heated rivelry. But I dont see any reason why we would. The only really frustrating thing I remember clearly as having huge implications for us was that really weird Tuesday game that basically exposed Michael Vick going forward. He never really looked the same after that. The week before that was the greatest comeback in history.
  15. selassieyouth

    Is Antonio Brown worse than Terrell Owens?

    Why is this here. The TWO guys being discussed have a total of a year and a half in Philly. And even that was more than a decade ago.