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  1. Hey chickie I saw your signature about the institute and cancer. Did the institute cure the cancer or is it in remission? Just curious.

  2. Hey Jim, just saying Hi from Minersville.

  3. Hey Billy, I'm from Minersville.

    Just saying Hi

    1. billy182


      Just saw this now. Hey! Hope all is well! Go birds!!

  4. Not only are Hunt, Kolb and Celek good young players they're also classy guys. check out my post in Who's your favorite up and coming player.

  5. You can deny it all you want, but the signs are all there, you are on the eagles website. Pretty soon you'll be running through the streets yelling E-A-G-L-E-S LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. lol @ anyone actually ever wanting to be an eagles fan. i'm appalled you'd even think i wanted to be one! og selgae!

  7. A colts fan? I think you're in the wrong EMB. Today seems to be cowboy clone day. Enjoy yourself anyway

  8. I think you're on this emb because deep down you want to be an eagles fan. Come up to pa and see how real fans support their team. Not only will you become an eagles fan, you'll never go back to texas

  9. Don't know about the 5th and 6th, but I'll be there for the rookies on the 28th and at least one other day.

  10. yep!! we'll be up there on the 5th and 6th. You??

  11. Hey Reverend akersgrl2 training camp at lehigh is coming up soon. You going to check out the team

  12. Hey halifax girl it's nice to know some canadian babes up there are eagle fans. When you play football what position do you play?

  13. Hi Teri, saw your website. If you liked gone with the wind. I recommend casablanca

  14. Damn right. Go EAGLES!