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  1. girl ive missed your midgie loving for too long. We need to go back to our old ways when we were able to do the missionary position in the airplane bathroom because you were so small

  2. I hope you're entering the schlong contest. I would love to see what you're workin with.

  3. Borty, are you ignoring me? I thought you loved me?

  4. Just let me know when and where and I'll be there.

  5. Hey baby, when're we gonna get to do the horizontal mambo?

  6. How many F'ing clones does this make for you now? LOL!

  7. You wanna piece of Bridget.

  8. Hey bstar, I'm a star too. Want me to show you what I can do?

  9. Ooooo Mr. Rotchburns, I've heard some dirty things about you!

  10. Borty, have you missed me while I was gone? I've missed you!!

  11. Beyond a shadow of a doubt. :-)

  12. Would you like to find out?

  13. Let me know when you're ready baby!!

  14. Are you just cloning around?

  15. as i would love to toss you all over the place like a rag doll then make sweet sweet love to you