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    Shut up Peck!!
  1. Eagles02j is a weakling. : )

  2. Madmartigan is a newb

  3. How can you call me a noob when I joined nearly a year before you did. You're an IDIOT!

  4. Madmart, don't let these haters bring you down

  5. knock it off or you're both gone.

  6. I think he's actualy Oek

  7. No I'm talking about madmartigan...

  8. are you talking about me???

  9. A real world class ****. Gets really annoyed when people make fun of his precious Lloyd.....

  10. Yet again another useless clone on the EMB

  11. Lloyd is the single greatest poster on the EMB!! If you dont agree with that then you are a ****!!!!

  12. A really bad clone

  13. Another bad clone.