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  1. Hi PH,

    Looks like you are enjoying your Wed. I am on step 9 of my 12 step programa and I am writing you to appologize for making fun of your lack of previous sexual experience. As a JW I know you are a very religious person and I am sure that having relations in the sanctity of marriage is somethign you have strived very hard for. Please forgive me for my negative peer preesure.

  2. where the f is phillly hammer?

  3. haha, yes..I do most of my damage late night around here..haha... hop into the LNC sometime, we're not too bad :P

  4. Hi! I see your on late tonight too. What's up?

  5. fix your interwebz!!11!

  6. hi!! im happy we're marriedddd :D

    GO EAGS!

  7. You're cool with me, dude.