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  1. If the Eagles can't beat this Redskins team they don't deserve squat.
  2. EaglePhan1986

    Anyone else get sad watching the Saints,Chiefs, Rams

    I personally didn't like that game last night. There is a reason I've always enjoyed NFL over College football.
  3. EaglePhan1986

    Make your bold predictions for 2018

    Could have said the same about the Eagles last year
  4. EaglePhan1986

    Make your bold predictions for 2018

    1. Eagles - 12-4 2. Giants - 11-5 3. Redskins - 4-12 4. Cowboys - 3-13
  5. EaglePhan1986

    Make your bold predictions for 2018

    - Giants make the playoffs - Redskins and Cowboys end up with the two worst records in the NFC - Texans represent the AFC in Super Bowl
  6. EaglePhan1986


    I'm from central PA and lived in Pitt for 4+ years so I get it. However, I live in Baltimore now and their fanbase really doesn't bug me. Probably because they are still a relatively new team.
  7. EaglePhan1986

    LeSean McCoy Accusations

    They don't look a like because in one picture she's out wearing make up and the other her face is deformed from being hit.
  8. EaglePhan1986

    Shango and The Dallas Cowboys Show

    How about freakin Zeke? Everyone saying this guy is the next Emmit Smith and already penciling him in to rush for 1,700 yards or something stupid. He came out and rushed like 20 times for 50 yards?? HAHA!!!