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  1. Bravens1

    AFC Wildcard: LA Chargers @ Baltimore.

    Flaco should not be traded
  2. Bravens1

    AFC Wildcard: LA Chargers @ Baltimore.

    Finally something
  3. Bravens1

    AFC Wildcard: LA Chargers @ Baltimore.

    I wish we showed up.
  4. Bravens1

    Week 2: Ravens @ Bengals

    Rams or Vikes, which one is better? Vikes are for real with Cousins and that D.. the RAMS are loaded like the Kurt Warner eta Rams, downright dangerous - they would torch the Jags defense.
  5. Bravens1

    Week 2: Ravens @ Bengals

    I am sold on the Jets, very sold. 10 win potential..
  6. Bravens1

    Week 2: Ravens @ Bengals

    That's a big game for homefield advantage in the NFC. We all know the Falcons want it since they host the dance etc. But the Vikes and Rams is a higher level of competition (and the Eagles once they fix their receiving corps).
  7. Bravens1

    Week 2: Ravens @ Bengals

    I tend to agree a lot.. lol..
  8. Bravens1

    Week 2: Ravens @ Bengals

    This is downright embarrassing, (btw hello Green wings). For those who think the Browns vs Jets is a bad game * we have an improved Browns team vs a legit Jets team.
  9. Bravens1

    Call your sleeper team now!

  10. Bravens1

    Week 2: Ravens @ Bengals

    Ugh trick or treat.
  11. Bravens1

    Teams you hate worse than the Patriots? If any?

    In this order I dislike the most; Denver, Indy, Cinci, DC Skins, I really really hate Denver and their smug fans. I respect the Steelers but I despise Ben. used to hate the Raiders but not any more. I just cannot stand the DC team and the owner and fans. I like the Eagles, Giants, and respect Dallas.. I like the Packers also.. NFC strong dislike for DC, and the Bears.. hate the fans.. Used to hate the Bills due to the bandwagon fans.. Now it's the Titans. in the AFC I love the Jags and Chargers!
  12. Bravens1

    Go Eagles

    It's no secret that most of us are rooting for the Eagles.. this is for Brent Celek and Mr. Dawkins..
  13. Bravens1

    Tony Romo

    Mad respect for Romo and Ailkman as commentators.. Mad anger for them as players as I dislike Dallas so much..
  14. Bravens1

    NFC Wildcard: Panthers @ Saints.

    Is it just me or y'all feel the same.. Nobody wants to Face Brees at Philly, same could be said if Aaron R was playing.. Steelers will have a rough time vs the Jags unless they run the ball a lot. Vikes have to somehow stuff that Saints offense.. I know the Panthers have not lost yet but.. U do not want any part of Drew Brees... believe me..