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  1. You are a moron with a capital "M."

  2. Oh, and just because I am helping out this board, and because Herm Edwards was a former Eagle, and because I hate the Giants and Cowboys, doesn't mean I don't belong.

  3. Hilarious trade proposal....

  4. Wow....oh, I am a Republican; I answer in peace.

  5. You're pretty humorous. Love the avatar.

  6. Your a Jet fan too huh ..... congratulations. Your favorite team changes like you change your underwear. Good for you. 2 Stars for the winner

  7. Hey lol. Thanks for Pete Kendall!

  8. Thanks for the comments. Glad I could help.

  9. ST*BLEEP*U, Waldo!!! Annoying Cow! LOL!!! (just kidding, you're cool, man).

  10. whatifwhatofwhatifwhatifwhatifwhatif????????????

  11. Hey, thanks for the comment and star. I like both teams. I grew up loving both.

  12. Sorry can't be a Chiefs fan and an Eagles fan ... ITS JUST DON'T WORK THAT WAY

  13. You get a one star rating for being A WINNER