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  1. borntradejersey is where I get all my jerseys. They are awesome and cheap. Good luck.

  2. angry_munk

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Thank you all for telling me a good philadelphia sports bar. Today my wife, daughter, and two neices went to jakes. It was their first time going to a sports bar so they felt really grown up. Unfortunately the Eagles were humiliated by the (hard to say) Raiders, and slightly upset about that. I told them when the Eagles scored a touchdown we could sing the eagles fight song. To bad that never happened. It did seem like a great crowd though with the guy with the bobble head and the crazy lady screaming at the bar. Girls loved her by the way. I plan on going more often and look forward to seeing you all there. Thanks again and GO EAGLES!!!!!!
  3. angry_munk

    Houston Eagles fans?

    Thank you very much for your reply and for saving me time. Do you know if this is a kids friendly place or not? Thank you again see you or whoever eagles fans there this sunday!!!!
  4. angry_munk

    Houston Eagles fans?

    I have just moved to Texas and would love to meet some fellow fans to root with on Sundays. I currently live in San Antonio but visit Houston almost every weekend now. I was going to try this Texadelphia place. Does anyone have any feedback on the place or does anyone know any places in San Antonio? I think I'll be going to Texadelphia to see the Eagles Raiders game, is this place good for young kids?