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  1. Wormlegs

    Johnny Manziel kicked out of the CFL

    He is a dumbarse. then he became a dumbarse with a lot of $$. End result is he is still a dumbarse. Who cares about him. Many opportunities to play football and make significant $$. I have no sympathy for him or that dope from dallas
  2. Wormlegs

    Robert Kraft Arrested....

    didn't this fella marry a 20 year old? what a role model that guy is. Multi-millionaire owner of a NFL team and has to pay for funky butt loving while his young wife is getting pipe elsewhere probably. The NFL in its entirety is their own country and cult. They do as they please
  3. Wormlegs

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    don't forget about the safety pulling out the table from under the turf and dropping an elbow drop through the table
  4. Wormlegs

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    just my opinion here but the pre-game, entire game (game, play calls & refs included) and post-game looked like a scripted WWE episode.
  5. Wormlegs

    The Call People SHOULD be Complaining About

    the officiating is the way they want it so that they can have more control of the outcome of the game. If you clearly think football is still a team vs team game where the better team wins, you are clearly mistaken. This is my conspiracy theory and opinion :)
  6. Wormlegs

    Broncos' Emmanuel Sanders may have torn achilles

    i bet they are trying to lick their own elbows now since they traded Demarious and it bites them in the butt
  7. Wormlegs

    49ers releasing Reuben Foster

    I love these idiots. they are idiots, then turn into idiots with money. the population is supposed to praise them and give them multiple chances at redemption. they should be shoved into a windowless room and then peed on hourly by various zoo animals
  8. he had a bad game and what, 3 drops? I am confident he will bounce back
  9. Happy Birthday Big Worm!

  10. Happy Birthday Wormie!!! I sent you some panties. :)

  11. Hello, my Salem County friend!

    Yep, Jersey sucks!

  12. YAY for another south Jersey person. NJ sucks! :)

  13. keiw shoots cheese wiz up her snatch and calls it a cracka sammwich

  14. Wormlegs rapes his inflatable Michael Jackson doll and yells "I'M BEATING IT!!!"

  15. Keiw molests marshmellows, rubs graham crackers on her butt and calls herself a SMORES