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  1. wtfcares

    49ers holding

    You talking about playoffs? You talking about us winning a game in the playoffs? We can’t even score 11 points...
  2. It’s because of something called money. Which the owners very much like.
  3. My girl and I will also be there for our first Eagles game coming from Vancouver. Would love to tailgate. Post up the details here if you can! Also can someone recommend a good place in the city to get some new jerseys? I’d like to add a Dawkins one.
  4. wtfcares

    NFL Top 100 Players Of 2019 (Final 100-1)

    They dropped Wentz down from 3 to 96...
  5. wtfcares


    Denver proposal to change onside kick to 4th and 15 on own 35 yard line got 7 out of 8 possible votes in the committee. League to vote on it now between today and Wednesday.
  6. You called him a fake victim. Meaning that you don’t think there was any collusion against him?
  7. You seriously think that he wasn’t even good enough to be a back up qb in the league? Have you seen what’s out there?
  8. Watch the game then. No ones forcing you to listen to what they have to say after the game.
  9. wtfcares

    Conf. Championship games

    Apparently the league wants the game at LA colliseum if the chargers win this weekend. And if both the chargers and rams win this weekend they are considering moving the AFCCG to Monday.
  10. wtfcares

    Conf. Championship games

    They each currently have their own stadium.
  11. wtfcares

    NFC Wildcard: Seattle @ Dallas.

    Eagles vs cowboys conference championship. Very unlikely but would love to knock them out.
  12. wtfcares

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    Right. My apologies I was thinking of the 2009 season.
  13. wtfcares

    bears aren't beating the Vikings

    This was the very same situation we actually were in against in Dallas in 2010 I believe. We had them week 17 and if we win we had a chance at the 2nd seed and if we lost we would be playing Dallas again following week in the playoffs. We ended up putting out a stinker week 17 getting shut out and lost all momentum then lose to them again the following week in the playoffs. I don’t think the bears want to face the Vikings first week in the playoffs after losing to them week 17
  14. wtfcares

    Go Bucs! Dallas Sucks!!!

    Go Bucks, Go Lions, Go Chiefs
  15. wtfcares

    Rooting hard AF for Andy and the "Chefs"...

    Andy could really help our playoff chances if he beats Seattle this week. In that scenario, even if the Vikings beat the Lions, we would be heading into week 17 with either Seahawks or Vikings losing giving us a playoff spot.