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  1. Seattle Dec 3 2017

    Definitely not the only Eagles fan in Vancouver! Lots of us here and we went down last year to Seattle in big numbers. Wish I could go again this year but just so expensive there.
  2. Week 10 Schedule

    The Vikings are only 1 game behind us. We’ve beaten the redskins twice and hold the tie breaker against them. This shouldn’t even be a question, a Vikings loss benefits us way more.
  3. Can We Agree?

    lol I don't think I've ever seen anybody praise ignorance like this. Because if you look at the flag and not the players, then it's not really happening right?
  4. What's the best FREE streaming site ?

    Is Gamepass live or do you have to wait until the game is over to watch?
  5. here's why the patriots always win

    What they do is put a group of above average players around Brady. They don't pay big contracts to any big names regardless how good they are. In their system, giving one player a big contract means they have to sacrifice on the quality of another player. They have Brady and billichek who have a system that has proven to win so they don't need that "takeover the game" player.
  6. Think we'll see Romo

    I actually think it's the exact opposite.Momentum is a much bigger factor than health. We've seen time and time again the teams that get hot towards the end of the season, win the Super Bowl even though they may not be the most talented. The fact that Dallas also has Romo as a backup is another reason to carry this momentum and play starters. Worst case scenario Dak goes down, you have a great Vet in Romo that can step in.
  7. Seattle Game 11/20/16

    Same here travelling down from Vancouver. An eagles meet up before the game would be awesome
  8. Game tickets

    The tickets sold out within minutes too even at those prices