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  1. toolg

    Are the Cowpukes going undefeated?

    The Patriots schedule in a couple weeks goes: @Ravens, BYE, @Eagles, vs. Cowboys, @Texans, vs. Chiefs. I think they go 14-2. If they don't drop 2 of those games, they could lose later to a Bills team fighting for a playoff spot after the HFA is all but wrapped up.
  2. I think the Vikings fans hate us for ruining their Super Bowl dreams. I think we think of them as a nuisance.
  3. toolg

    Ugliest uniforms

    I really hate the bumblebee Steelers
  4. toolg

    Jay Gruden let go...

    Why, what's the point? The Redskins aren't going to get any better this season. Do they want to give Bill Callahan a tryout for the job?
  5. toolg

    Uncle Rico and Napoleon Dynamite

    Foles already got his chance to play with Pedro. It makes sense he's on Uncle Rico's team next.
  6. Radio listeners got the play-by-play before that: "Clement takes the snap, tosses to Burton, who throws to Foles. Touchdown." (paraphrasing). Even though they're listening on the radio, they have to realize Harlan is watching the game, calling it to them.
  7. toolg


    Good riddance. Glad to see the NFL is paying attention. This ain't his first rodeo. Burfict wasn't punished every time he did something wrong. He is well known for dirty hits. This shows they will catch up eventually.
  8. Well done! You make this fan proud.
  9. I saw fans did this after the game, on NFL Network:
  10. toolg

    Melvin Gordon just started following eagles on IG

    Gordon fits the mold of Sanders and Sproles more than Howard. Do the coaches feel like a RB with a skillset like Howard has only a limited role in the offense? I don't know why the coaches aren't dialing up Howard more often. He's impressive when he's playing but they seem to hold him back. Maybe someone like Gordon gets a bigger role than Howard?
  11. That's what I do. Take the I-95 exit directly after the airport, over the Platt Bridge, right on Pattison. Park at NovaCare or FDR Park across the street. Reverse directions on the way out. Avoids the backup on Broad St.
  12. toolg

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    Are you a HOF voter? If not, then your point is moot too. You said "discuss" and so I did.
  13. toolg

    Are the Cowpukes going undefeated?

    Seriously? The Giants, Redskins, and Dolphins are 3 of the worst teams in the NFL. The Eagles beat the Redskins too and they forgot to show up for half the game. Wait until they play some real competition.
  14. toolg

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    If Namath wasn't great, he was famous: the Super Bowl guarantee, the fur coats, commercials, etc. Eli couldn't step out from behind his brother's coattails, despite winning 2 Super Bowls and playing in New York. After all it is the Hall of "Fame", not the Hall of "Greatness".
  15. Nice win. But I still feel like the Giants go 3-10 over the rest of the season.