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  1. toolg

    SUPER BOWL LIV: 49ers vs. Chiefs

    49ers wore all-white vs. Seahawks Week 17. It's supposed to look like the 1994 uniform. For the Super Bowl, they're wearing the traditional road uniforms: white top, gold pants, like OP post. Chiefs will wear their home, red-on-white, uniforms.
  2. toolg

    SUPER BOWL LIV: 49ers vs. Chiefs

    The Chiefs are the "home" team. It rotates back and forth from AFC/NFC every year. They can choose to wear their red/home or white/away jerseys. I hear the 49ers want to wear their all-white throwbacks.
  3. toolg

    AFC Divisional: Titans @ Ravens

    Lamar is an incredibly fast runner. He's Vick fast and he slides off defenders like Cunningham too. It's electric to watch him take off running. He'll go down as one of the best rushing QBs of all-time. The offense is built around his athleticism and he gets his receivers open by running around until they clear room to throw. He was throwing lasers to his receivers all-season long which made the Ravens offense tough to stop and Lamar a legit MVP frontrunner. Until the Titans came in last weekend, punched the Ravens in the mouth, and stole their game away by running it down their throats with Henry. Wentz can scramble around getting guys open, playing a more traditional offense (for this era anyways), but he's not nearly as fast a runner. Wentz can sling it from the pocket or on the move, where I don't see Lamar having as much success if he only stayed in the pocket. I think Lamar could do it but it zaps away a lot of his superpower. Where Wentz looks comfortable either way. Who's better? It depends what you want your offense to do. I am interested to see where the Ravens offense goes from here. Do they get better WRs to bolster the passing game, or double-down running the ball?
  4. The eventual Super bowl winner will be either San Fran. or Green Bay because the Chiefs/Titans never win.
  5. The Chiefs haven't won a Super Bowl in 50 years. The Titans franchise has never won a Super Bowl. So we're likely to get a 49ers/Packers championship.
  6. 49ers-Chiefs. But Vrabel has the Titans playing inspired, can he work his magic again next week? Mahomes will be tough to stop. Rodgers is better than Garoppolo, but I feel the 49ers defense is built to win championships. The Packers will need to play a perfect game to beat them: no turnovers, control the clock, convert all the chances they get.
  7. O'Brien is getting killed but I feel like the players deserve some of the blame. O'Brien isn't fumbling kickoff returns, or giving up big returns to Mecole Hardman... There were plenty of things that went wrong, the blame goes around. Yet it feels like the Texans got comfortable with the lead 24-0, took their foot off the pedal, and the Chiefs were ready to pounce. Is that the head coach's fault? And how much credit does O'Brien deserve for getting them this far into the playoffs?
  8. toolg

    Most hated teams

    Cowboys, Giants, Redskins, Patriots, Steelers
  9. toolg

    Historic sites related to the NFL

    RFK Stadium in Washington is surprisingly still around. Built in the 1960's; reminiscent of the cookie-cutter, multi-purpose stadiums built in the era, like the Vet. (RFK is a little bit smaller). Hosted the Redskins until they built FedEx Field in the 1990's. Also hosted the Senators until they moved, the Nationals until they built the new Nats Park downtown, and DC United played there for years until they built a soccer-specific stadium. You probably saw a soccer game if you went there recently. It still has red and yellow seats that reminds you it was home to the Redskins. It is starting to crumble, the city is going to raze it, so go soon if you want to see it. LINK I also saw Memorial Stadium in Baltimore before it was demolished; home to the Baltimore Colts until they moved and the Orioles played there before Camden Yards. Baltimore hosted a Canadian Football team for a couple of years in the 1990's. Back when I was in high school, somebody handed me bunch of tickets for free. So I took some friends and we made the 1 hour+ trek down there from PA to see a football game. It was cool to see the stadium in football configuration.
  10. toolg

    Come Monday...................

    Big changes in Washington: Bruce Allen is gone. They're expected to hire Rivera today.
  11. Eagles defense has to stop the run and put the ball in Dak's hands. Make him beat us. That's always the gameplan against the Cowboys. Admittedly, Dak beat us the last time they played.
  12. toolg

    Playoffs Scenarios (Season Complete)

    This is true. The Eagles and Cowboys cannot finish with a better record than 9-7. The leaders of the NFC North, South, and West already have 10 wins. So the NFCE division winner will be seeded lowest.
  13. toolg

    Patriots at it again

    The Bengals? It's ridiculous enough to think they tried it just to see if they could get away with it.
  14. toolg

    Patriots at it again

    They forgot to unload the gear from the plane. Strange set of circumstances.
  15. toolg

    The Evil Empire ending?

    The Patriots are still in it. They're being graded on a curve because they've been so dominant for so long. They're not trouncing teams anymore, but they're still a contender. Their defense will be tough to play against in January. My guess is McDaniels will be named head coach once Belichick steps down.