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  1. toolg

    What good options are left at WR in FA?

    What else is there? Unless there's a trade coming... I know a lot of fans felt like Jeffery was out the door. At this point, I don't think so. The 2020 Eagles will go into the season with Jeffery, DJax, JJAW, and some young guys. Hopefully a rookie or two from the draft.
  2. toolg

    What good options are left at WR in FA?

    There goes Robby Anderson...
  3. toolg

    What good options are left at WR in FA?

    Perriman would not excite me at all. He was the next WR picked in the draft (#26) when Agholor was picked by the Eagles at #20. Back in 2015 I had Perriman pegged as the WR the Eagles would take, figuring Agholor would go right before the Eagles pick. Perriman was eventually cut by the Ravens and bounced around a couple of teams. Perriman never really caught on. Take him as a veteran tryout in camp. I'm not convinced he would make the cut.
  4. Please be the Chargers. Or Raiders. Or anyone else!
  5. I can see the draft happening as scheduled, but only NFL/team officials and media in attendance. No players, no fans. Just a bunch of dudes locked in a hotel conference room or over the phone, like the really old days.
  6. How much is that going to cost the Cowboys? $31.5 million is what I'm hearing.
  7. Agreed, to some extent. Even playing in high school, we'd try to get a runner on 2nd base to get a good look at the catcher and signal the batter. The runner taps his thigh for fastball. Tap his head for curveball, etc. The Astros took it next level by installing cameras and recording the signs.
  8. Stupid. I wouldn't straight-up accuse them of tampering, it's more likely somebody was told to make a placeholder page just in case... It's still dumb.
  9. I wouldn't give MLB much credit either. They're trying to smooth this over before Spring Training starts. They fined the Astros, took away draft picks, and suspended the GM and manager. The Patriots were fined and lost draft picks over spygate. They were fined, lost draft picks, and Brady was suspended for deflategate. The bigger difference is the Astros punished themselves, firing the staff that was involved. Many of the coaches had already moved on to other teams already, and those teams punished them too. The Patriots dug in their heels after they got caught. Seems like they're still out there cheating. I feel like sports fans are similarly outraged at both teams.
  10. Assuming somebody wants to give up 2 first-round picks for Dak... The Cowboys might be stuck with Dak if they franchise tag him. So they could use the transition tag instead; the Cowboys get less back in trade but he'd be easier to move.
  11. If the Cowboys trade Dak for Tom, they're in win-now mode. Brady has little shelf-life left. Looking at the Cowboys roster, that sort of makes sense. But is old Tom Brady any better than relatively young Dak Prescott? Then when Brady is done, they have to start over at QB. But if they have no interest in extending Prescott for big money, then the point is moot. I can see it both ways.
  12. Brady has never played for another NFL-coach besides Belichick. What does he look like as QB in another system? Plus his physical skills have diminished. He seemed to go over the hill last year. Interesting to see what he can do outside New England. How much does he have left? After watching the 49ers get so close in the Super Bowl but watch it fall away so fast due to ineffective QB play... Wouldn't it be interesting if they got Brady and reunited him with Garoppolo? His buddy Wes Welker is a coach.
  13. I agree, Brady is a bigger brand than the football team. The Boston/New England market is pretty dang big on its own merits. Brady earned his status there, winning Super Bowls and playing his entire career in New England (thus far). If he goes right to NY or LA, does he get the same endorsement deals, competing with all the other celebrities? Does a smaller market like Dallas or Vegas accept him right away, and is the amount of endorsement money there?