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  1. toolg

    5 in / 5 out of the playoffs....

    It seems really tough to do, but it happens every year. Out: Texans, Cowboys, Seahawks, Chiefs , Bears In: Jags, Falcons, Packers, Steelers, Vikings Me too, totally agree. It looks like the Browns can take another step forward. Maybe they finally break out of a losing record, 8-8 or 9-7. Maybe they challenge for a Wild Card... But I can't pick them for a playoff spot until they can prove otherwise.
  2. No. I feel like 16 games, plus playoffs, is the likely limit for most players. If they add more games, they are going to need to increase roster size and IR/injury designation. If the owners want to increase the number of games they can sell to the networks, look at expanding the playoffs.
  3. toolg

    Coming from France

    Congrats! I like going to early season games in September because the weather in Philly doesn't get much better, comfortable temperatures, etc. But it can deviate either way: it can get really hot, or chilly where you need a jacket, or rain, so watch the weather and be prepared. The commercial tailgate is a good idea, especially if you haven't tailgated before and don't know what to bring. They will have all the food and drink ready for you. Fill up before the game, because food/drink lines inside the stadium are long and it's guaranteed you will miss some of the game waiting in line. I always plan to bring something to eat in the parking lot before the game, and go get something after it is over. I try to take as little as possible into the stadium because of security. You will go through metal detectors and bags will be searched, etc. The camera should be fine as long as it's in the clear bag. Don't bring it in a separate, concealed case. LINK As for cheering, follow what the people in your section are doing and you will be fine. Stay quiet while the offense is on the field but you can cheer for a good play. Stand up and give high-fives when they score. You can get loud while the defense is on the field. Some sections will stand and cheer for the defense, some stay seated, so just follow along. Arrive early. Headhouse Plaza opens at 10:00, there's usually a band playing and some activity going on. Hang out there until the inner gates open at 11:30, go inside there and check out the lobby by the Pro Shop. There's some cool stuff there. If your seats are in the upper section, plan to be through security by 12:30 or you might miss some of the game. The lines get longer the closer to 1:00 it gets. Have fun! Go Eagles!
  4. Tyreek Hill: A timeline and breakdown of his legal troubles So the case is not closed, but there is not enough information to pursue charges at this time. We know the child was injured but there isn't enough evidence either way to prove what happened. The case won't go anywhere until more information is uncovered. The league can decide to suspend Hill under the personal conduct policy, whether or not he is brought up on charges.
  5. Sick, sick man. The evidence surely appears he is guilty and it seems most of the jurors agree: But I wasn't a juror in the courtroom. I wonder what explanation the holdout jurors have to find him not guilty of further charges?
  6. What is it with all these linemen going to bars in the offseason, getting into fights, then getting charged and going to court?
  7. Do different games have different price points? I got seats to the Lions $90/seat. Then I went to look for Redskins tickets but wanted $117/seat for the same seats.
  8. There really isn't a bad seat at the Linc. It depends where do you prefer to sit and how much do you want to pay? Some fans only like to sit at the 50-yard line and are willing to pay the big bucks for it, and that's fine. The first time I got seats behind the goalpost I thought I'd hate it; but I got to see the field from the player's perspective, I saw the plays develop and the players moving across the field... It was a perspective you don't get from sitting on the sides and I thought it was great. About renting a car, again it's a personal choice about where you want to go and what you want to see in Philly. If your biggest concern is getting to and from the game, public transportation is the best option (SEPTA or find a taxi/uber).
  9. toolg

    2019 Hard Knocks - Who gets it this season?

    It's got to be the Raiders: Gruden. Mayock. AB, 3 first-round draft picks, 4 players in the first 2 rounds .... It's the last season in Oakland, so they're playing with that weird dynamic in the city. They are so many good storylines now, I don't think they hold the Raiders until next season. Who knows what might happen? (Do they make the playoffs this season so they are ineligible for Hard Knocks? Fire Gruden and get a new coach? Who knows?) LINK
  10. If they have to put McFarland in the booth to get rid of the stupid crane, that's fine by me.
  11. I'm glad Shady spoiled Endgame. i don't have 3 hours to give up watching it. Now I don't have to feel like I'm left out. (Maybe someday I'll get time to sit down and watch the entire movie on DVD. But the ending would have been spoiled by then anyway...)
  12. A bunch of bridezillas if you ask me... They don't own the city. So what a bunch of football bros decided to descend on the city the same time you planned your weekend out? Either make the best of it, work around it, or re-plan your event. The brides should be angry at their party planners for not making it more known. The NFL draft was a great event for the city of Nashville; they shouldn't be upset about some angry brides.
  13. toolg

    Giants fans... Talk about the Giants

    Maybe. The Broncos seemed disinterested in taking a QB this year, since they have Flacco and they traded the #10 pick to the Steelers. There were a lot of folks thought they'd take Lock at #10. The Broncos were able to move up in Round 2 with Lock still on the board since they had already gained the extra picks from the Steelers. Lock played right into their hands. Maybe the Bengals had interest, we'll never know... Perhaps both teams had all the QBs after Murray ranked lower. I know I did. Jones seemed linked to the Giants from the start.
  14. The only reason Jones didn't drop is because Gettleman pulled the trigger too early. They're both pocket passers: Haskins has a cannon arm and makes good pre-snap reads. Mobility and decision-making mid-play are the concerns. Jones has good size and was coached well. He throws a floater for a deep ball and doesn't play well outside of the pocket. Luckily the Giants will have to keep everything short because they don't have good blocking up front.
  15. Flip #3 and #4. Haskins was the higher projected pick on virtually everyone's board but Gettleman. Even Lock was rated higher on most mock drafts. All of a sudden Jones is better because the Giants picked him #6 overall? So Jones seems like the forced pick. The Giants would have likely had him at #17 if they waited. The biggest knock on Haskins is he was drafted by the Redskins who have a history of bad QB injuries: Alex Smith, RGIII, etc.