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  1. This will be interesting... McCoy had to go. The offense was atrocious.
  2. toolg

    NFL Owners Already Re-thinking Chargers in L.A.

    The entire move was botched. LA doesn't need two NFL teams. The Rams are enough. Once they agreed to the Rams' Inglewood stadium over the Chargers/Raiders Carson stadium, they should have blocked any other franchise from the market until the Rams could complete the move. While Qualcomm Stadium wasn't ideal, Spanos pulled out of the deal too soon, before the Chargers had a viable alternative. They abandoned San Diego, so San Diego abandoned them back. LA is too busy re-embracing the Rams, who have more history in LA. Now the Chargers will always be an orphan.
  3. toolg

    Three 9-7 Teams in Super Bowl-1979 LA Rams Part 1

    And the Eagles were underdogs in every playoff game last season.
  4. That's why they should slap him with a simple assault charge.... Make him pay a fine and/or attend anger management classes. Or else, like you said, he gets away with no punishment when he finds his way around the "do not sell" list.
  5. toolg

    Rae Carruth to be released from jail...

    You are right, I got the names mixed up.. .Watkins is serving a 40-years sentence. One of the other accomplices was let out in 2011.
  6. toolg

    Rae Carruth to be released from jail...

    The man that shot Cherica Adams, Van Brett Watkins, An accomplice was released from prison in 2011. Carruth was sent to prison for conspiracy to commit murder, since he planned it out.
  7. toolg

    Any more debate on ELI being HOF'er

    Eli Manning is this era's Joe Namath (on the field): - Namath won one improbable Super Bowl (III). He had some good, Pro Bowl seasons early in his career (5x Pro Bowl, 1x All-Pro), but he was mostly mediocre and it looked like he couldn't do anything at all near the end of it. His career record is 62-63-4. He's in the Hall of Fame. - Eli beat the Patriots twice in the Super Bowl (the first one was the undefeated Patriots season). 4x Pro Bowl QB. His career record is currently 112-108. He has no chance at the Hall of Fame without the Super Bowl wins and Super Bowl MVP trophies. With them, there's a decent chance.
  8. toolg

    LeSean McCoy Accusations

    No. Did they ever find the attacker/burglar? Find him, question him, then you may find out if he was working for Shady or not. Last I heard, the ex-gf filed a civil lawsuit against McCoy for not providing her enough protection at his home. LINK Then his ex-wife got involved. She claims Shady gave their son bruises; and if she helped as a character witness for Shady, he would help her by enrolling their son in private school near her home. LINK
  9. 49ers aren't tanking so much. They are decimated by injuries on offense and defense. No Garoppolo, McKinnon went on IR before the season, injuries all along the defense and offense... Chargers-Steelers is a good bet to flex into Week 13 SNF, since Fox likely wants to protect the Vikings-Patriots in the late game slot.
  10. toolg

    Your team can't win Super Bowl LIII ...

    I can root for Andy Reid. The Chiefs look fun this year.
  11. San Diego? Why play in that old stadium? I can think of some better options to play a temporary season: - Levi's Stadium was built to accommodate 2 teams - Mexico City, Stadium Azteca. The Raiders have played home games there recently and it draws a lot of fans. It would be a good test for a future permanent franchise. - Another possible expansion city: San Antonio (Alamodome), Portland, Oklahoma City, etc... No need to push into San Diego market with Rams and Chargers already vying for it, and they would vote against it.
  12. toolg

    San Diego market

    If the Raiders play a season or two in San Diego, will the fans follow them to Las Vegas? What is this Oakland lawsuit about? Seems too little too late. Their lease is up after this season. Then the Raiders can play where they want.
  13. toolg

    Clay Matthews was jobbed

    I am still trying to figure out what Clay Matthews did so wrong... Alex Smith had the ball in his hands. He got tackled. What else is Matthews supposed to do there?
  14. toolg

    Clay Matthews was jobbed

    NFL must think that's ok since Hayes is not a QB