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  1. I blame Chip, Ray Rhodes, Kotite, Buddy Ryan, etc. before I blame AR. Reid made the team relevant again. I even blame Banner and Heckert for being cheapskates and not stacking the roster when they were good. Yes, Reid tends to make coaching blunders in the heat of the moment, but there's more to it than that. You have to be good enough to get the team to that moment.
  2. toolg

    Why Does Eli Manning Never Get Injured?

    Mobile QBs who stretch plays take more hits than QBs who simply fall down in the pocket.
  3. toolg

    Should the NFL go to college overtime?

    No. I want the game in the overtime period to be like the game they play for 4 quarters. There should be a kickoff. Offenses have to drive the length of the field to score. I want to see punts. I like the new rule that if the opening drive results in a made FG, both teams get a chance with the ball. NCAA football overtime is a silly way to decide a game, just like penalty shots in soccer or ice hockey. I am not afraid of tie games either. I think the new NFL overtime rules encourage more ties.
  4. toolg

    All-Los Angeles Super Bowl?

    McVay has not won a playoff game as a coach. The Chargers have not been relevant in years. Sure, it could happen, but they need to win some games in the playoffs first.
  5. toolg

    Broncos' Emmanuel Sanders may have torn achilles

    Sad news. He's out for the season.
  6. Yeah. Zimmer made his living coaching defense. My guess is he has no clue how to run an offense.
  7. Why the disrespect to DeFilippo? He wasn't the Eagles head coach or OC. That's the way the NFL works... you move up the ladder from one team to another. Remember when Norv Turner unexpectedly walked away from the Vikings OC job? Then Shurmur was hired away. Now DeFilippo is on the hot seat... Zimmer is the common denominator here. I bet he's tough to work for. Maybe he thought if he hired a young coach he could push him around.
  8. toolg

    Week 13: Chargers @ Steelers

    Stay classy Pittsburgh! No. Chargers want Gordon to rest a week or two, presumably to get ready for the playoff run.
  9. toolg

    2018 ESPN Playoff Machine

    Do you have to pay for this site?
  10. toolg

    McCarthy Fired

    McCarthy's post-game comments after the loss yesterday. LINK He's clueless. Even when the Packers were winning, all he had to do was keep the pieces together, (easier said than done, yet...) He's a manager, not a coach. They need to find someone that can make the Packers relevant again.
  11. toolg

    2018 ESPN Playoff Machine

    A Wild Card berth is still possible. The Eagles are 1 game behind Redskins, Seahawks and Panthers for the last spot. The next two weeks are most important for the Eagles: This week is the last home division game for the Eagles (vs. Redskins). Next week, they can force a head-to-head split with the Cowboys. If the Eagles win both they are in the driver seat in first place. Lose both and they're going to need a lot of help... A third loss to the Rams in Week 15 virtually eliminates them.
  12. toolg

    NFC & AFC Championship Game Predictions?

    I figure the Saints and Rams are locks for NFC byes, but they are in a dogfight for home-field advantage that could go all the way to Week 17. NFC North champ could lock themselves into the #3 seed, and NFC East champ as #4 seed, sooner than HFA is figured out. I think we'll see some upsets in the playoffs.
  13. toolg

    NFC & AFC Championship Game Predictions?

    I got some interesting ones: Eagles (9-7) hosting Vikings (9-6-1), rematch of last year. Patriots vs. Chargers in AFC.
  14. I am thinking of playing the long game here... Maybe if the Cowboys find some success, Jerry thinks Garrett is a good coach and decides to keep him around longer.
  15. toolg

    Anyone else get sad watching the Saints,Chiefs, Rams

    Mahomes, Goff, and Brees are so successful because of the weapons they have on offense. I feel like the Eagles aren't that far away... Remember Wentz is still less than a year from ACL surgery. Yet he's elusive in the pocket and hitting throws, but he's not running all over the field like he used to. Wait until they can take the reins off and he can go 100%.