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  1. GB gets TE Graham, but cut WR Nelson

    Jordy to the Raiders?
  2. The Rams took a big leap forward last year. They look like the biggest competition in the conference for the next few years. Also, I am curious how well the Vikings look with Cousins at QB next year. Any number of other teams can step up too: Cowboys can regroup and give us a challenge in the division. Giants were 11-5 in the playoffs 2 years ago. Falcons? Saints? Panthers? Packers? Bears?... 49ers started winning with Garoppolo, can they sustain it over a season? ...
  3. Cleveland Browns

    2015 Browns 3-13 2016 Browns 1-15 2017 Browns 0-16 So they need to win more than 4 games. Way to go out on a limb there! Now if the Browns win twice as many games this season as the last three seasons combined, that would be something.
  4. Falcons Board's Super Bowl LII Thread

    How do you recover from 28-3? I don't think I could ever root for the team that came back and beat mine in the Super Bowl like that.... Until now I didn't notice any of the shade coming from Atlanta. They were nothing like the crybabies from Minnesota. After the Patriots beat us in the Super Bowl and was caught cheating, I was was definitely rooting against the Patriots in all those Super Bowls... But I will never admit to rooting for the Giants.
  5. Titans to release veteran RB DeMarco Murray

    Wasn't Demarco out hurt early in the season? I don't think he ever got fully healthy during the season... That's it, at this point in his career Murray has a lot of mileage on him.
  6. The Jeff Fisher Effect

    I thought Fisher's career was over after the Vince Young stuff happened in Tennessee. By then I felt he had become an old-school guy who couldn't relate to modern players.... I don't know why the Rams went out and hired him after that.
  7. 2019 #1 and #2 and #4 for Foles

    Yes Foles's career is up and down. But I do believe he can sustain a high level over a season. He did have the 27 TD/2 INT season, in 10 starts and a couple relief appearances. Granted that was in Chip's offense-friendly system... Foles's play turned around this season once the Eagles coaches redrew the offense around Foles instead of Wentz.
  8. 2019 #1 and #2 and #4 for Foles

    Foles's current contract is cheaper, yes... But it also self-destructs after next season. If I am trading a bundle of picks for him, I want to renegotiate that thing.. Then what does his contract go up to? Most teams are already set at QB. And I see a surplus of QBs in Free Agency and the draft for those who are looking. I don't see a team giving up a bundle of picks for Foles, when they have so many others to choose from. If I really want Foles, I think I just wait for the contract to self-destruct and take him as a Free Agent next year.
  9. 2019 #1 and #2 and #4 for Foles

    With so many QBs in Free Agency and the draft, who they don't have to trade anything for, what team is desperate enough to offer that much for Foles? Is Foles really that better than every other QB?
  10. Josh Allen will bust

    I agree about Allen. I can't quite place it but there's something missing from his game. I really like Mayfield... I see a lot to Drew Brees or Doug Flutie (even more) in him.
  11. Number 1 draft pick

    Pick Barkley #1. The Browns defense actually isn't too bad. Work on building a running game and they can grind out some games in the division... Steelers have peaked, Ravens are on the down slope, I don't know what the Bengals are doing... Sit on the #4 pick. See what QB falls... They can choose from Darnold, Rosen, Allen, Mayfield, or Lamar Jackson... If they aren't sold on any one of them, trade down and see who falls. Either way, they should take a veteran QB in Free Agency too.
  12. Browns entertaining offers for #1 pick

    I think Cleveland would riot if the Browns trade out of the #1 pick. The fans are sick of trading down for more picks in the future and mediocre players. They need playmakers now. Then again, the Browns pick again at #4 by trade with the Texans last year. If I were the Browns, I'd just take Barkley #1 and keep #4 for a QB.
  13. I often see the WR sell the penalty over catching the ball.... I'd rather see the WR go for the catch, even if he's being interfered with.
  14. Report: Jonathan Martin taken into custody

    This story really puts that stuff with Incognito that happened a few years ago into perspective.... Incognito was able to seek help and resurrect his career. On the other side, here is where Martin ended up.
  15. As much as PI is called in NFL now, I feel like college football has called it even tighter since the penalty isn't as harsh on the defense (15 yards in college vs. spot foul in NFL.) Now that we have a generation of refs working their way up from college, calling PI as strict as there, it's worked its way into the NFL. It's probably time to adopt the college rule. On the flip side, there is incentive for the WR to flop and take the penalty instead of making the catch. The result is the same for the offense. In college, the WR needs to make the catch to get the 50 yard gain, even if the defender is interfering. WR still needs to work to make the catch. Taking the penalty only nets 15 yards. Yup. 5 yard penalty and replay down, unless the penalty yards are enough to give the offense a first down.