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  1. Yes, I guess so. They're building a casino on the site.
  2. I think Nashville will make a push to host the Super Bowl one day. (They probably need to build a new stadium first.) This is a good first step.
  3. toolg

    2018 Hard Knocks - Who will it be?

    The roster is a disaster. I can't blame Hue for that. He hasn't had much to work with. I'm indifferent if the Browns decide to keep him or not.
  4. toolg

    2018 Hard Knocks - Who will it be?

    I don't feel bad for Browns fans. The opposite really. It gives them more exposure. The Browns aren't going to compete this season. It's way too soon. Get this season of 'Hard Knocks' out of the way. Then they don't have to worry about it in the near future and build something.
  5. That's my feeling about the situation... I'd like to see the stat if anybody knows it.
  6. I think both sides of the case were mislead here... Eli thought he was upholding his end of the agreement. Ultimately I blame the memorabilia guys and their customers. They had an expectation that wasn't being met. Why were they working directly with a player anyway? Maybe they should conduct business directly with the team and the equipment guys.
  7. Settlement reached as the case was going to court. LINK Details were not given.
  8. toolg

    Redskins 'Pimped Out' Their Cheer-Leaders?

    I recall it was in the visitor's locker room LINK.... I bet either Cowboys, Giants or Redskins probably put it there.
  9. I heard about the trees a long time ago.
  10. toolg

    Pre SuperBowl Pre Cap Era

    Pre-merger there was a 16-team NFL and 10-team AFL. After the merger, it was a 26-team league. That was a bigger jump, and it's a clean split. Only a net +6 team increase since then.
  11. toolg

    Ben Doesn't Know Why Steelers Went QB

    No. He's the worst of the worst. He's the type of guy that can go joy-riding a motorcycle without a helmet, get into an accident, and walk away. When that happens to a good guy, he's seriously injured or dead... Ben will play 10 more years just to annoy us.
  12. toolg

    Redskins 'Pimped Out' Their Cheer-Leaders?

    I am afraid there will be more stories. It was not always like this... Something changed in the last 10-20 years or so. It probably started with a wink and nod to Cowboys cheerleaders years ago, then got more sinister when $$ and disgusting men got involved. Sex sells you know.
  13. toolg

    Matt Ryan 5yr/$150M ...$100M guaranteed

    Wentz: over/under $120 million guaranteed? I'm taking over.
  14. toolg

    Redskins 'Pimped Out' Their Cheer-Leaders?

    That's the worst treatment I have heard so far... There was Saints cheerleader story that came out recently too. And others. LINK NFL cheerleaders are treated poorly across the board. I don't know why anyone would want the job anymore.
  15. I'm not surprised if the TV numbers improved... Besides the usual ESPN and NFL Network coverage, I found simulcast over-the-air on Fox (NFL Network) on Thursday and ABC (ESPN) on Saturday. That will attract more casual viewers.