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  1. toolg

    2018 Hard Knocks - The Cleveland Browns

    I am sure it was 10+ years ago... I remember arriving early for a night game, eating dinner at one of the chain restaurants (TGI Fridays or something similar), then going over to the stadium. It was too early in the season for xmas decorations. Nice weather, warm for a night game. Eagles lost.
  2. toolg


    I went to Dallas and Austin. Once you get out of the endless sprawl of the cities, everything in-between is tumbleweeds and cattle. I was surprised by how much it looked like a Western movie. Really good steaks, BBQ, and Mexican food down there. I'll give you that.
  3. toolg

    2018 Hard Knocks - The Cleveland Browns

    Yikes. I drove, so I don't know if FedEx Field shuttles to Metro.... When I go to DC I'll just drive to a station along the beltway and park there (Either Greenbelt-green or New Carrolton-orange). FedEx Field is on the next subway line down, so I just drove and parked there.
  4. toolg

    2018 Hard Knocks - The Cleveland Browns

    I believe that. Also FedEx Field is the worst experience of the newer stadiums. It is outside the city, a mile walk from the nearest public transportation, the closest attraction is a suburban shopping mall. So you have to drive in, park, then fight the traffic out and drive somewhere to do anything worthwhile after the game.
  5. toolg

    2018 Hard Knocks - The Cleveland Browns

    Yup. I went to Cleveland, Baltimore, and FedEx Field in Washington. They were built in 1999, 1998, and 1997. They are all pretty much the same, enclosed bowls. I think they echo the crowd noise better than the Linc. FedEx Field might be the loudest, it has the steepest upper deck, but the stadium is always half-empty. Really. I am surprised they have such a long waitlist for seats because it was a sparse crowd. Pittsburgh, New England, and Philly opened just a few years later. Similar design but they added more angles and cutouts.
  6. toolg

    2018 Hard Knocks - The Cleveland Browns

    Yeah, the Linc's design is a lot more open than the Vet. I like the cutouts because it gives you view of the city skyline but it does let crowd noise escape. In hindsight, they should have enclosed the whole south side of the stadium and made it a complete horseshoe. Nice view of the upper deck walkway/ramps? They added seats in the corners to enclose the stadium some more, so it's a little better now than 10 years ago. But yeah, it won't be the same.
  7. toolg

    Cleveland Browns draft futility.

    I feel for the fans. They are strung along by bad ownership. They support the Browns because that's their city, their team. They know the QBs they've had are terrible, and they know the organization botched it by skipping over Wentz and Watson. They take it in stride:
  8. toolg

    2018 Hard Knocks - The Cleveland Browns

    You have to admit the field was terrible at the Vet. They kept trying to make improvements but they only made it worse. What an embarrassment. To think how far we've come...
  9. toolg

    Make your bold predictions for 2018

    I like those. 20 INTs is a bold prediction for Dak, but he was sacked 32 times last year. I'll add another one: Dak doesn't break 3,000 yards passing. I think Barkley is going to struggle at times until the Giants solidify the O-line. They're going to keep feeding him the ball though.
  10. toolg

    Johnny Manziel

    Manziel was truly exciting to watch as a college player. There were signs he was going to be trouble, but who knew he was going to fly so far off the handle? I never thought his type of QB play will succeed in NFL but I am rooting for a comeback. He's got a long way to go.
  11. toolg

    Cleveland Browns draft futility.

    Not surprising. For a number of years, the Browns were trading down and stockpiling future picks in the draft. That works when you are the Patriots and have a talented roster already.... Obviously the Browns were not talented in most positions. They didn't find any diamonds in the rough. Now they hit rock-bottom. Two #1 overall picks in a row, and they made those picks. Let's see what they can make of them.
  12. toolg

    Make your bold predictions for 2018

    Repeat Super Bowl champs for the first time since 2005!
  13. For the Rams and Eagles, it was worth it. Goff and Wentz are deserving of the first 2 picks in the draft. The conventional thinking about QBs is if you scout one you like, you'd better take him when you can get him. If you decide to wait, it's likely he'll be gone. Teams have been picking QBs early for ages. The Giants seem like they want to go to Webb at QB if/when Eli decides to hang them up.
  14. toolg

    Johnny Manziel

    Mike Sherman is the Montreal coach, and he recruited Manziel to Texas A&M, so I expect he'll still have a job for a while.
  15. toolg

    RIP Tom Heckert

    Pretty shocking. It seems he became ill last year. LINK