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  1. I don't think Dak deserves to be 5th. Stupid homer clickbait.
  2. If I'm the other half of the fanbase that's supposed to feel alienated, I don't. By kickoff I will have forgotten Hank Williams Jr. sang the opening... Heck, I'm usually filling my plate or my glass or in the can when the song is on anyway. Now I'll just make sure I miss it.
  3. Yep. That guy is a lot of the problem too. Does anybody else think it would be a good time if Gruden made a heel turn? If he just starting hating on everybody every week instead of gushing about them: "No WR has all the skills that Keyshawn Johnson had back in the day." "That David Carr is mediocre. No Raiders QB will be as good as Rich Gannon."
  4. Short of dropping your pants and taking a dump directly on the flag, I don't care what you do during the national anthem. I see nothing wrong with what Kaepernick does during the anthem. Yet Kaepernick did announce at a press conference the reason why he kneels while the rest of the team stands. He was looking to make a protest.
  5. I was glad they moved on from Hank Williams Jr. back then. His song is old and tired. I thought blaming the Obama comments was a cop out. It's easy to know why MNF is falling in ranks... Sunday Night Football took over their torch years ago. Monday Night is an after-thought.
  6. NFL is trying to package the Thursday night game as another national, prime-time game in addition to Sunday Night and Monday Night. They want the ratings and money. The league won't go back on it... I do think teams should have a bye week prior to playing on Thursday. I hate college OT too. I'd rather they not play OT at all.
  7. So they're going to combine the rule where OT won't end on a FG on the first possession, with a shorter OT period? What's the point? They might as well make OT a FG-kicking contest or something. I don't mind ties. Except it does feel confusing right after the game is over. You don't know whether to be happy or angry... you're just confused. If ties become more common, I think we can adjust. I feel like they should eliminate all OT until the postseason anyway. I think you'd see more coaches play for the win at the end of games instead of playing to tie; like going for 2 at the end of the Ravens game last year. It didn't work out so well for us, but how exciting was that?
  8. I think the 46-player game day roster is ridiculously low. Two of those are punter and kicker who aren't playing any other positions, add long-snapper which has become a specialist position too, then you have just enough to field a complete offense and defense with a backup for each position. What about a 70-man roster, with 60 active on game-day? Allow more subs so you can take more players out of the game for a breather. Practice squad makes sense the way it is: Marginal players that you want to try out in practice but not sign permanently, and have some extra bodies in practice. They aren't officially on the roster, so any other team can sign them away to put on their roster if they want.
  9. I'll play. Last year the Eagles were 7-9, tied with Bills and Saints for 10th worst record in the league. There's the threshold: Bears and 49ers look dreadful. Add the Jets (5 wins last year and it doesn't look like they will improve). Rams and Browns won't dig themselves out of bottom 10. There are 5 teams easy. The Jaguars confound me. I thought they looked alright last year, then they go out and win only 3 games. So the Jags are in there until they prove otherwise (#6). Cowboys and Giants are good. Eagles are improved, but they still have a lot to prove... But I still think it makes it worse for the Redskins in NFC East (#7). Put the Chargers in the list (#8) with a move to a US soccer stadium (big home disadvantage) over Broncos who still have a stout defense. That's a good division, somebody has to fall. I'll pick the Saints (#9) over Panthers. Same reason as above, somebody has to falter in that division. I think the Saints are declining, and I like the Panthers (There's no in-between, they're either good or they fall completely apart.) #10? Bills? Bengals? Ravens? Eagles, again? Somebody else I mentioned above, or didn't? I don't know.
  10. Rowe and Chung are doing fairly well in the Pats' secondary.
  11. The Broncos revoked 144 licenses. If they reinstate 1 fan, what about the rest? I see what the Broncos are trying to do and why they are doing it. Just the way they went about it is a PR disaster. The message is now clear: if you are going to re-sell tickets, do it in secret. They were probably better to leave well enough alone.
  12. I did. I had heard the story already. It's sad what the Broncos did to their own fan.
  13. I bet there is 300,000 people that want to attend the football game every Sunday, but there are only 70,000 seats in the stadium. What's the best way to distribute the tickets to the fans that want to get in? Unfortunately there are season ticket holders who are not interested in attending any games. They just use the seats as a a way to make a profit. I see what the Broncos are trying to do, they are trying to police their seats to get fans into the games directly, without going through brokers profiting from reselling seats... But I don't see any perfect system.
  14. ^^ Yup. I have been on the list for a while now. I was offered the club seats lease deal a few years ago, but I ended up turning it down for several reasons. I am still waiting for the season tickets call. The other reason is club seats aren't permanent, it's on a lease. So unless you renew when your term is up, the seats go to right to the next buyer. The leases are a pain to resell to. I only wish there were a better way to buy game tickets. The best option I see is to get on the season tickets plan, go to the games you want to and sell the rest.
  15. I might be wrong, but I thought they were deferred from active duty. So once they were done playing professional sports, they still have to serve. I don't think the service academies are attracting the usual athlete trying to make it to the pros anyway... You are going there to learn to be a soldier/officer first, playing sports is secondary.