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  1. toolg

    Antonio Brown Saga

    The elliptical video is like the 2019 version of TO's push-ups in the driveway interview:
  2. If so, why did they settle? The way I read this is, there must be something in the way the teams deal players that they don’t want the NFLPA and everyone else knowing about it. They paid them not to talk about it anymore.
  3. Backstory: Kaepernick and Reid had filed lawsuits against NFL claiming teams were colluding against them. That Kaepernick was blacklisted and Reid couldn’t get a contract for his full worth. If I get more time I’ll try to look up some articles about this. EDIT: This Eric Reid thread mentions it. LINK
  4. My favorite Eagles jersey is the kelly green with silver pants. So somebody on Reddit went and flipped it around.
  5. Looking back at the entire Foles deal, it was always about: A) Wentz was the #2 pick in the draft. It was his job to win or lose, and 2) Foles was going to be the fall-back option in case things didn't work out with Wentz. Well, it turned out Wentz was worthy of the job. Also they ended up winning a Super Bowl along the way, and Foles earned some bonuses himself. Each side got what they wanted out of the deal, and then some. Nobody should walk away mad. It was in the Eagles best interest to offer Foles the option. Foles decided it was in his best interest to buyout. That's simply the way business is done. I don't think either side is trying to one-up each other.
  6. Did I miss a Case Keenum move? Or do you just assume the Broncos simply get rid of him? This is a wild scenario to ponder: Could Case Keenum end up back in Minnesota?
  7. This may come as a surprise to you, QBs are allowed to run with the ball too. McNabb started out as a rookie QB running for his life before he settled in as a passer. Mornhinweg is the OC in Baltimore, and HC Harbaugh came from Andy Reid's staff in Philly. Vick had success playing under Mornhinweg in Philly. I can see him using similar plans for Jackson.
  8. I don't. Jackson was 6-1 as the Ravens starter. The one loss is where the Ravens nearly pulled off the upset in Kansas City. LINK His starting record is 6-2 if you count the loss to the Chargers in the playoffs. So yeah, he wasn't all that impressive in the playoff loss, but you could also say he was the reason the Ravens were able to crawl back in it. In college, Jackson won the Heisman trophy in 2016. I'll take that guy on the rookie contract over the gizzled vet due to make over $20 million per year soon.
  9. Obviously a win-move for the Ravens. They are all-in on Lamar Jackson at QB. Moving Flacco's big contract means more $$$ to sign the players they want to build around. And they should get one of the Bronco's 4th-round draft picks to help get started. The Broncos get a veteran QB, presumably to help coach up whatever young QB they take in the draft. At least Flacco is better than what they were working with at QB recently. It also means they could wait another year or so to draft one, if they choose.
  10. Flacco is supposed to make $18.5 million this year on his current contract. Foles reminds me of a younger version of Flacco; they have a lot of similar abilities. It makes me think the price for Foles should be higher.
  11. toolg

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

    Once an Eagles fan, always an Eagles fan. Eagles fandom is strong. You aren't jumping on the Rams bandwagon like everyone else. I wasn't exactly rooting for the Rams either, but they were preferable to me. I did not enjoy watching the Patriots win.
  12. toolg

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    What? The Rams were early favorites back in August. LINK
  13. toolg

    Super Bowl LIII: Rams vs Patriots.

    Gurley was kept out of the last 2 regular season games due to knee inflammation. Then the Rams had the bye week off in the playoffs. After 3 weeks rest Gurley was pretty good against the Cowboys. Then he never really got it going against the Saints and Patriots. It makes you think something is still wrong with his knee... Why is/was it swollen?
  14. toolg

    Was Super Bowl LIII Fixed?

    No, the Super Bowl was not fixed. If it was, they would have made it much more entertaining. If anything, the conference championships were rigged: They got their east coast (New England) vs. west coast (Los Angeles) matchup. Those markets are bigger than New Orleans and Kansas City, so they already got their ratings before the game even started.