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  1. Mr. Mcdermott.. WTF

    Taylor was benched because he can't make the deep, outside throws. They wanted a QB that could chuck the ball downfield. But Peterman ain't it either. Taylor makes up for it by being athletic with the ball in his hands. But they already have a very good RB with Shady McCoy... They can make up for it and find success with Taylor at QB if they design an offense that suits him. Nobody works harder than he does, but it takes a dynamic away from the offense.
  2. If Darby says he didn't do it, then I believe him. But check the allegation again... The uber driver says he reached over and grabbed her for 3-5 seconds. That's it. (It took me longer than that to write this post.) Unless the uber driver said something or did something in the moment, Darby may have been sitting in the back seat the entire time and not realized what was happening.
  3. Buy or Sell: Case Keenum

    Don't fix what isn't broke. If Keenum has them winning games, you stick with him. The Rams might be the team that has everybody fooled: Combined record of the 7 teams they beat: 26-44 (0.371) Combined record of the 3 teams they lost to: 18-11 (0.621) The only team the Rams beat with a winning record this year is the Jaguars.
  4. Reid Is Incompetent

    That has to be the most mind-boggling score in the ticker this week. Last week we were talking about how the Giants gave up, McAdoo is getting fired, Giants are playing with a depleted team... And the Chiefs lose to that wreck? Steelers say not so fast... A convincing win over Titans on Thursday. They host the Patriots in a couple of weeks which could decide HFA in the AFC. It looks like the Steelers have the pieces on both sides of the ball, but haven't played up to potential yet. If they turn it on watch out. But yeah, that's it. It's the Pats and Steelers in the AFC this year and nobody else really has a shot to win the Super Bowl.
  5. Mr. Mcdermott.. WTF

    The Bills had a pretty good thing going with Tyrod at QB, Shady running the ball, and the defense playing well. They messed all that up by bailing at QB at the first sign of trouble. What's wrong with letting the rookie QB redshirt this year? Clearly he wasn't ready to play.
  6. Tyrod Taylor benched

    Tyrod isn't the guy that is going to take your franchise over the top. So even though the Bills could make a run to the playoffs in the depleted AFC this year, I think they realize they aren't going to win a championship right now. Part of me believes this was planned all along... Tyrod was compromised on purpose to give Peterman a shot.
  7. Right? The Linc holds roughly 70,000... So if the stadium is full you can add that number to the amount you get from TV ratings. It shouldn't be that difficult to figure out.
  8. Nfc vs AFC competition potential

    Bills can compete in AFC because there are less teams ahead of them... Put them in the NFC, and teams like Redskins and Lions are better.
  9. Nfc vs AFC competition potential

    Yes they are flawed. Patriots have major issues on defense. For the Steelers, Big Ben is not is old spry self. They can no longer put the game in his hands and trust him to win it. Both teams are very good. The Patriots are going to try to outscore you and have the offense to do it. Steelers have weapons to overcome Roethlisberger's limits on offense and the defense is better. Both teams can contend but they have flaws. Right now I believe Eagles, Saints, and even Rams are better. The Rams play Vikings, Saints, and Eagles in next 4 weeks, so if they get exposed we will see it.
  10. Nfc vs AFC competition potential

    Oh yeah, I forgot the Panthers. They are in the NFC mix.
  11. Nfc vs AFC competition potential

    Eagles, Saints, and Rams are Super Bowl contenders. Then in the NFC: I have Seahawks, Vikings, Falcons, Cowboys contending (but they are flawed teams). A good team isn't going to make the playoffs. The Packers would be a legitimate threat if they had Rodgers. Lions and Redskins are tough, but not tough enough. AFC contenders are: Patriots, Steelers, Chiefs, and maybe Jags (all flawed). A couple more teams will make the playoffs in AFC but I don't take them seriously.
  12. Based on my viewing habits I figured out a problem with the ratings. I sat down at 1:00, with the Eagles on bye, looking at a bad slate of games on cable TV: Redskins and Cowboys games I don't want to watch, a pointless Steelers-Colts game, and the Pats going to destroy the Broncos in prime time. So I got up and watched barely a few minutes of live NFL football (Redskins-Vikings ended up a good game so I watched some of it). But I want to see the good teams. The Rams and Saints played blow-outs, but they the good teams now. The Jags, another good team, played an overtime game with the Chargers. Even the Lions-Browns game was entertaining for a while. I would have watched any of those over the games I had on my TV. Ten years ago I would have sat and watched the live games on TV anyway, catching up on highlights in between action. Instead I turned on the radio that does the constant highlight thing, did some chores, and kept up with the scores that way. Actually, I streamed it all through my cell phone. Does internet streaming count in the ratings? I am sure somebody keeps track of it. There's the kicker: I am not consuming less football. But because of internet streaming, podcasts, and just a desire to have more choice, I am consuming football in less traditional means. Less TV/radio, more on the internet where I can watch/listen to what I desire on demand. These days I want more choice.
  13. Ben McAdoo On Hot-Seat - 2 Players Squeal

    Right? The only players on record are support Coach McAdoo. Who knows if the anonymous sources are real? I wouldn't put it past NY media to make it up. Still the results on the field are dismal. McAdoo needs to make this team look competitive or his job is in jeopardy.
  14. Bridgewater activated, Bradford to IR

    Bridgewater is going to be the backup, so he plays if Keenum gets hurt. Keenum will probably be on a short leash from here on out too, so if he stinks Bridgewater plays. Here is one look at it: LINK
  15. I wish I had stayed tuned into the Pats-Falcons game so I could have a proper opinion of using Skycam as the primary view. I watched the game for a while, but the Pats built up a big lead and the fog rolled in obstructing the view, so I lost interest and turned it off.