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  1. cowboy_ron

    2018 Arlington Draft Vs Philadelphia 2017

    All the eagles have to do now is win two more SB's to move up to being tied for last place in the division.
  2. No, the Patriots lost it.
  3. cowboy_ron

    Losers no more

    Congrats eagles fans, well played game start to finish.......savor the moment and enjoy.
  4. cowboy_ron

    Dak Prescott throws Dez Bryant under the bus

    Before yesterday's game Dez was leading with 10 dropped passes, by the end of the game he was still leading but with 12 dropped passes....yea, he's a valuable commodity
  5. cowboy_ron

    Dak Prescott throws Dez Bryant under the bus

    Dez hasn't been double teamed most of this year....teams simply aren't worried about Dez anymore....Dez caused an INT when it went through his hands....what game were you watching?
  6. cowboy_ron

    Dak Prescott throws Dez Bryant under the bus

    We've all known for almost 8 years why Garrett is here will likely stay until Jerry dies, that's just a fact. Garrett is not an NFL HC and never will be even though due to his father he has been around some of the best coaches in NFL history, he just doesn't get and never will.....even the most basic of football logic eludes him. He's currently going into year 8 of a lifetime OJT program, and every game is like it's the first time he's ever seen a football. As for Dez, no other team is going to coddle him like Dallas has. Dallas may very well part ways with him this off season, he may well get picked up by another team as a situational player....until he throws a fit on their sideline and he will likely be cut the following day, possibly ending his career......he, at this time is literally the worst receiver on the roster and it has become more apparent than ever....his act along with his lack of production has run its course.
  7. cowboy_ron

    Dak Prescott throws Dez Bryant under the bus

    Stephen, Stephen, sniff some ammonia pellets son....stop thinking that Dez is what we WISHED he was and and see him for what he IS......he is NOT anywhere close to being an "elite" receiver, on most teams that would be willing to put up with his sideline tantrums and pouting he would at best be a #2 if not #3, yet he's our #1 that hasn't had a 100 yard game in his last 21 games. He pouts when every pass isn't headed his way yet when he's targetted, there's a real good chance he drops it even when it hits him square in the hands, chest, face while he MAY make a spectacular catch every 3/4 games....not what you want from your #1 is what it is Stephen.
  8. cowboy_ron

    Mike Francesa Predicts the Rams Beat the Eagles

    He is a decent backup but the eagles were playing at a different level with Wentz that I don't think Foles can maintain....I think it might take some of the air out of their wouldn't totally surprise me if the eagles didn't win another game this season.
  9. cowboy_ron

    Mike Francesa Predicts the Rams Beat the Eagles

    Won the battle, but will likely lose the war. I do feel for Wentz, he seems like a standup I've said before in here Karma's a ****.
  10. I dunno, I think the owners could consider someone like Roger Staubach, but I agree the field to choose from would be small.
  11. A source close to Goodell states that Goodell doesn't think his contract should be performance, wut? Goodell should just be happy that he's raped the NFL for 200M since 2006 and walk away happy that he's made 200M for doing absolutely nothing.
  12. cowboy_ron

    Kaepernick still no job

    Soooo, since the attention ho quit the job he had giving up millions of dollars for this year, he's now going to use the American judicial system which is part of the "system" that he started the kneeling mess