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  1. Soooo, since the attention ho quit the job he had giving up millions of dollars for this year, he's now going to use the American judicial system which is part of the "system" that he started the kneeling mess
  2. You can tell the NFCE is gonna suck this year when the eagles and Skins are the top two teams in week 5.
  3. Garrett consistently makes halftime adjustments that he stops doing what was working in the first half and changes to what doesn't work in the second half.
  4. You're playing a last place schedule.
  5. So did you get multiple W's for that?
  6. BTW, congrats on your team finally winning a game agaist a team that didn't have a winless record.
  7. He slides like QB's are supposed to...if Wentz keeps sliding head first his career will be shortened.
  8. You're drunk
  9. The one that started this entire mess is now begging for an NFL gig....anywhere.....naaa Kap no more football for you...but you WILL be remembered.
  10. With almost the same stats, one is balling and on his way up while the other totally sucks.....gotcha...........back to back wins against two winless teams sure has the testosterone level off the hook....but it usually is at this point in most seasons............then reality pays a visit.
  11. ooops......I'm wrong often enough to work for ESPN.
  12. It looks like Dallas will be the only NFCE team with a W this week.
  13. Take a knee vince.......this generation seems to think that's the current "cool" thing to do these days.
  14. They do bring new monikers every year, you know like "dream team", "Dynasty", "Chip Kelly AKA as the "innovater" is going to reinvent the NFL, "hey Dallas, we got Demarco"...the list is endless....they may not bring much to the NFL but they are dilusionally entertaining.
  15. I doubt the majority of those kneeling even know what they're kneeling for other than it's garnering alot of attention right now. The teams where the coaches and some owners (yes, even Jerry) are doing it to prevent division in their respective locker rooms. This country has plenty of issues to currently deal with without generating more with the loose cannon we have for a leader.
  16. Not to mention that multi millionaire black men playing a game on the NFL platform in front of 80,000+ middle income fans trying to convince them how oppressed they are might be a difficult sell.
  17. lol, yea I need to quit living in the past.
  18. lol, clear front runner? You mean the team that had devine intervention on a miracle last second FG against an 0-2 team? My bad I forgot about that dominant performance.
  19. So, a combat veteran that respected the flag and showed his patriotism is now the bad guy in today's society?
  20. lol, you nailed it
  21. Intermission time:: NFL ratings dropped in every game except one. Anyone care to guess which game that was?
  22. lol, as usual for the first few games of every season eagles fans testosterone is off the charts....then reality kicks in around mid season, then it's time to grab the excuse book again.
  23. lol
  24. Oh I hear ya man...we're not in mid season form should be a good the Skins/eagles game it was more like neither wanted to win but somebody had to.
  25. Who has made the more 'character' impact Colin Kaepernick or JJ could learn from the other as far as making a positive impact....wonder who that is.