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  1. Wallyhorse

    Will there be an NFL season in 2020?

    The Governor of Illinois is likely right on this one: Trump may WANT the NFL season to start on time (mainly because if it doesn’t it hurts his re-election chances), but the fact is, it could be like what some expect will happen with college football: The season delayed until January and the Super Bowl possibly not taking place until as late as early June with a very short turnaround to the following season due to the Olympics being where they are scheduled next February.
  2. Wallyhorse

    Will there be an NFL season in 2020?

    We may not see College Football until January with that through the spring to get the seasons in because many Universities need football to fund ALL their sports.
  3. That's exactly what happened. Foles was INJURED in Game 1 and with all the Jags problems outside of QB didn't really have a fair shot. This probably puts heat on Trubisky to live up to why he was picked second overall or he may be out.
  4. Usually the SB champs open at home, however, Tom Brady to the Bucs obviously was not a consideration at the time this was posted. I can see the NFL doing that and actually having the Chiefs play back-to-back prime time games with their home opener the Week 2 Monday night game.
  5. Wallyhorse

    CBA discussion thread

    Actually, the 17th game (except for perhaps Jacksonville) will be mainly to cover the London and Mexico City games and allow for additional games overseas IF we ever get back to some semblance of normal. Perhaps as I have said before the 17th game for teams not playing overseas can be a neutral site game that mainly would be interconference opponents at sites near both teams with half the tickets going to each team (for example: Giants-Steelers or Eagles-Steelers played at Beaver Stadium at Penn State, Jets-Giants played at Met Life as that would be a home game for both, Bears-Steelers played at Ohio State, Cowboys-Texans at Daryl K. Royal Stadium in Austin and so forth).
  6. Wallyhorse

    Jaguars to play 2 games in London now

    You think its possible if the Corona Virus outbreak continues the NFL cancels the London games for 2020 and moves them back to the US?
  7. Wallyhorse

    CBA discussion thread

    I don't see that happening. Too many players in the NFL have such short lifespans in the league and only worry about the here and now that they will pass it. The top players likely vote no, but the players on the bottom will overwhelm it.
  8. Wallyhorse

    CBA discussion thread

    Or 7-7-3 (don't laugh, in 2018 the Browns came very close to actually having THREE games end in ties and finishing 7-6-3 as opposed to 7-8-1).
  9. Wallyhorse

    CBA discussion thread

    You can't assume a team is going to make the playoffs like that. Things like the CFB Championship are scheduled YEARS in advance, and there is no way when that is scheduled five years out you can say for sure the home NFL would be hosting a playoff game that weekend. In a perfect world, they would move the CFB Championship to Thursday, but you'd lose a lot of tourism having it on Thursday night.
  10. Wallyhorse

    CBA discussion thread

    Don't be surprised if this goes as planned that every four years the NFL has to start the season earlier in late August in order to have the Super Bowl during the Winter Olympics UNLESS those happen to be in the Southern Hemisphere when they could then be held during the traditional summer dates. The International Olympic Committee is the ONE governing body with the power to for example in 2022 demand the NFL move the Super Bowl up a week so it doesn't overlap the Beijing Winter Olympics or discourage countries wanting to host an Olympics from doing business with the NFL or deny any and all bids for a US Olympic games. Friday prime time would do way better than Saturday afternoon. Just because YOU don't like it doesn't mean it's crap.
  11. Wallyhorse

    CBA discussion thread

    One thing I do see potentially coming out of this: The regular season ends on Saturday instead of Sunday with all teams in one conference at 3:05 PM ET and the other at 7:40 PM ET divided up between ALL of the NFL's broadcast partners. Ending it on Saturday instead of Sunday would allow for the NFL to instead of a 1:00 PM ET game on Saturday have the first WC game actually be in prime time on Friday night at say 8:30 PM ET/5:30 PM PT. The additional prime time playoff game likely would bring in far more revenue and could then be done where NBC gets prime time WC playoff games on Friday and Saturday if that is the same weekend as the Golden Globes and ESPN/ABC getting their game on Sunday night in prime time opposite the Globes.
  12. Wallyhorse

    Anyone watching XFL?

    Don't see it dropping that far. They are looking at small numbers at first and working upward. Some prime time shows don't even get 2 Million nowadays. Also depends heavily on demos. If that 2 Million is mainly 18-49, that makes it more desirable than shows getting 10+ Million viewers in many cases.
  13. Wallyhorse

    Anyone watching XFL?

    McMahon and the TV partners expected that. This is a long-haul commitment. Keep in mind, there was no real preseason in this league. Also, the dropoff this time was not really anywhere close to as bad as the original league. The AAF had all kinds of problems this XFL is not going to be dealing with this year and next and likely the year after. McMahon has invested a TON and is willing to as said lose $500 Million over three years.
  14. Wallyhorse

    CBA discussion thread

    If my format of NBA-style seeding were used for the 2019 playoffs with the additional team: AFC would have been unchanged EXCEPT for an additional WC game of Steelers-Chiefs (Steelers would have been the #7 seed). NFC would have been as follows: Bye: #1 49ers #7 Rams at #2 Packers #6 Eagles at #3 Saints #5 Vikings at #4 Seahawks (Seahawks with a better record than the Eagles would have been the #4 seed and the Vikings also with a better record would have been the #5 seed).
  15. Wallyhorse

    Anyone watching XFL?

    Has to do with TV.. Sure, the XFL could go into places like Memphis, Birmingham and so forth, but there are only eight teams right now. If the XFL expands, you could see a few places like that with teams, but in much of the south, college football is actually BIGGER than the NFL, and that likely is a consideration.