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  1. Actually, as I would do it with 19 Weeks: Season would start the week preceding Labor Day with ALL teams in Week 1 playing in prime time: NBC's opening game on Tuesday with doubleheaders at probably 7:20/10:45 PM ET on CBS on Wednesday and FOX on Thursday (no games Labor Day weekend or on ESPN in Week 1). Week 2 begins with ESPN getting their season opening DH on Wednesday. NBC gets Thursday Week 2 (likely hosted by loser of Super Bowl game) otherwise, normal schedule Sun-Mon. Week 3 Thursday night football is on FOX with teams that played Wednesday or Thursday in Week 2 playing that game, likely on FOX/NFL Network. Normal schedule otherwise Week 4: First week of Thursday football with teams coming off a bye week (NFLN-only games Weeks 4-5). Week 19: All games in one conference at 3:00 PM ET and the other at 8:15 PM ET with games divided equally between all of the broadcast partners. NBC gets first pick in each time slot, FOX & CBS split picks 2-3, ABC gets 4th pick, ESPN (also on LivWell or Laff, ABC DT2-3 channels) 5th pick, NFLN (also FOX DT-2 Channel MOVIES or DT-4 Channel BUZZR) 6th Pick, CBS for CBSSN (also on CBS DT-2 Channel DECADES) and FOX for FS1 (also whichever of MOVIES or BUZZR doesn't air NFLN game) split picks 7-8. Games on the cable outlets air on the over-the-air outlets of the home team and in those markets, the over-air games air instead on the cable and digital sub-channels. The scheduling is similar to how its now done in MLB and has been done in most pro sports leagues worldwide for years.
  2. Apparently, Garrett has a lot of connections with Giants ownership from his playing days there and its sounding like if his contract is not renewed, the Giants fire Shurmur and replace him with Garrett.
  3. Many think he'll wind up being Giants HC if his contract with the Cowboys is not renewed. Based on Gettleman's time with the Panthers and what Rivera said, it's probably not likely.
  4. Wallyhorse

    2019 ESPN Playoff Predictor

    Bills are on a roll and right now are the 5 seed. They have to keep winning as I actually see the Browns running the table and finishing 10-6 and throwing a huge monkey wrench into the playoff picture. Bills might actually need 11 wins to assure a Wild Card. They are better than the Cowboys at this point. Bears has the look of a "stinker."
  5. Wallyhorse

    2019 ESPN Playoff Predictor

    Since I could not post it in TATE at the time: This actually has the Eagles winning the NFC East EVEN IF they lost to the Cowboys in Week 16 because I have the Cowboys losing to the Pats, Bills, Bears and Rams before the Eagles (and two of those are "stinkers" for the Cowboys). Eagles could win the division at 10-6 if they beat the Cowboys or 9-7 in spite of TWO losses to the Cowboys with in the latter scenario that Cowboys loss to the Jets looming massive.
  6. Wallyhorse

    Myles Garrett Assault Needs Its Own Thread

    I say he gets suspended for eight games (remainder of this season and the first two of next) PLUS any postseason games the Browns might play this year (Browns have an easy enough schedule even without Garrett they could finish 9-7 and sneak in as a wild card).
  7. Kitchens I think lasts the year, but I don't see him lasting beyond that. Could see him demoted back to OC if the right HC comes along.
  8. Wallyhorse

    Jay Gruden let go...

    Translation: Snyder saw what happened with the Eagles game at the end of last season and their three home games this year where the visiting team's fans took over the stadium and turned them into defacto home games for them.
  9. I'm sure some UCLA alumni right about now would PAY the Redskins ALL of Chip's salary to take Chip off their hands!
  10. Wallyhorse

    Antonio Brown cut by Pats

    This was being discussed on 98.7 ESPN in New York, and there is a widely held belief that a hit by Vontez Burrfect during a Bengals-Steelers game may have caused Brown's behavior.
  11. Wallyhorse

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    Probably is, but I can see two years from now with his body fully healed maybe his mind changes.
  12. Wallyhorse

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    Yes, but Luck is the kind of superstar where if he expressed he wanted to go elsewhere, after say 2020, the NFL could turn around and "strongly suggest" they do it under the threat of taking away draft picks and cutting their salary cap (or promising to give them additional cap room and a compensatory pick between Rounds 1 & 2) to let Luck do that. Calvin Johnson was never the star on the level Barry Sanders or Andrew Luck were.
  13. Wallyhorse

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    I suspect the NFL would in that scenario "strongly suggest" to Irsay he allow Luck to go elsewhere if after say 2020 Luck wants to come back, but not to the Colts. The NFL I think privately regrets not doing that when Barry Sanders retired because he no longer wanted to play for the Lions and not "strongly suggesting" to the Lions he be traded elsewhere so he could break records.
  14. Wallyhorse

    Ex NY Jet Mark Gastineau Is Very Ill

    Really sad on Gastineau: Growing up in New York, I was a Jets and Giants fan (didn't become an Eagles fan until Cunningham was playing for them in 1986 in his second year and actually went to the 1981 Wild Card game against the Bills that would turn out to be the only time the Jets hosted a playoff game at Shea Stadium post-merger) and I remember how fierce he along with Marty Lyons, Abdul Salaam and Joe Klecko as "The New York Sack Exchange" were back then. The biggest moment for them was probably the December 20, 1981 regular season finale at Shea against the Packers (that also turned out to be Vin Scully's final regular season NFL broadcast) when the Jets ended a combined 30 years of futility for New York's football teams as that win put the Jets in the playoffs for the first time since 1969 AND the Giants into the playoffs for the first time since 1963 (back in the days when the NFL Championship was the only playoff game). Many older Jets and Giants fans remember that weekend because the day before, the Giants beat the Cowboys in Giants Stadium to set up where a Jets win got both teams in (or course, Eagles fans hated it the following Sunday when the Giants beat the Eagles in The Vet in what would turn out to be the last playoff game for the Eagles under D Vermeil). Other NFL players and the NFLPA need to come together on this one, though what about his family? Lisa Gastineau (Mark's first wife) and his daughters I believe have money as well (the Gastineau women were featured a number of years ago in an E! reality series as I remember).
  15. They should have tried to get Kirk Herbstreit to make the move to MNF.