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  1. Mr. Mcdermott.. WTF

    And this is the team Donald Trump tried to buy in 2014. He buys them, he likely is NOT President Trump now.
  2. 2017 ESPN Playoff Machine

    I have the Saints losing to the Rams and then running the table to get to 13-3 with the #2 seed, meaning if the Eagles do what I noted above, I have them hosting the Saints in the NFC Championship although as noted in my other post that would mean beating a Redskins team for the third time that would be coming into that game winning seven straight.
  3. 2017 ESPN Playoff Machine

    Can't get the image to post, but this is my scenario: I have the Eagles running the table until they lose a meaningless finale to the Cowboys (click the link to see the rest). I have the Redskins running the table and actually winding up the 5th seed in the NFC Playoffs at 10-6, setting up where if the extend that by beating the Rams (again!) in LA in the Wild Card round returning to the Linc where the Eagles have to beat them a third time in the Divisional Round. Cowboys finish 8-8, going 1-5 without Elliot (7-3 with Elliot). Jaguars @ Titans likely winds up the final Sunday Night game of the year as I have that being for the AFC South on the final day (I have the Jags running the table and finishing 13-3.
  4. Reid Is Incompetent

    Given the Chargers and Raiders are 4-6 and Broncos are 3-7, and the Chiefs still play all three division opponents at home, I don't think that's a concern. They also have only played four home games so far and play their remaining four home games in their next five. Chiefs should at worst split the remaining games and finish 9-7, good enough to win a suddenly very weak AFC West. Even win just two and 8-8 could be enough.
  5. Mr. Mcdermott.. WTF

    And the Jets, in a year they were supposed to be "sucking for Sam" (Darnold), could STILL make the playoffs.
  6. Mr. Mcdermott.. WTF

    Bills seem to not be concerned about making the Playoffs this year. Taylor was not coming back regardless of what happened the rest of this year and they wanted to see if they needed to draft a quarterback next year.
  7. Yeah, a lot of us seem to have a better idea of how to do it. My idea is not perfect but it does add a week to the regular season with a second bye week for all teams and also eliminates the need for the six-day flex for Sunday Night Football the final week as there would be no Week 18 SNF game per se since while NBC would get two games, so would CBS, FOX, ESPN, ABC, NFL Network and cable outlets for FOX (FS1) and CBS (via Viacom with Spike TV) with games on cable also airing on network DT-2 channels with all games in each conference going off at the same time (with each conference alternating between the afternoon and prime time the final week).
  8. Ben McAdoo On Hot-Seat - 2 Players Squeal

    And that was during the very first season in Giants Stadium (predecessor to Met Life) in 1976. Giants are one of the most patient organizations out there. That said, I think they know firing McAdoo now does them no favors. I suspect if McAdoo is fired in-season, it will be after the Thanksgiving night game against the Redskins.
  9. ESPN Considers DROPPING ‘Monday Night Football’

    Right. The loss of two TV markets (most notably St. Louis) with two teams in a market (LA) where the NBA has TRUMPED (no pun intended) the NFL for years (which was why as I remember Georgia Frontierre wanted to move the Rams out of LA/Anaheim in the first place back in 1994) is a big factor as well. LA has been a LAKERS town first since the "showtime" days of the 1980s and the Dodgers (who have been second in LA for years) getting to Game 7 of the World Series completely overshadowed the Rams' start. Throw in USC and UCLA Football and the Rams probably behind those as well plus the Clippers and Kings are likely ahead of the Rams as well.
  10. They might wait until after the Thanksgiving night (almost surely) massacre by the Redskins to give McAdoo the sack, if only because whoever replaces him would have an extra three days to get ready for the last five games.
  11. Ben McAdoo On Hot-Seat - 2 Players Squeal

    Sam Darnold may actually stay at USC another year. Giants need MAJOR O-Line help and whoever replaces Jerry Reese likely should trade down to get more picks of O-Linemen. Giants also might be able to get their QB early in Round 2 or they go with Davis Webb (whom they drafted as Eli's successor) for a year first. Adding: If McAdoo does get fired before the end of the season, it will likely be following the almost-certain-to-be Thanksgiving Night Massacre by the Redskins if only so the interim HC doesn't have to prepare for two games in a five-day span.
  12. Here's how I would fix the Thursday problem: Season is expanded to 18 weeks. Every team gets a second bye week that is specifically tied to mid-week games. Another way of doing it and eliminating most of TNF is this: All teams have two bye weeks and the season is 18 weeks (still 16 games). The season now begins two days earlier on the day after Labor Day with the Super Bowl Champions hosting (this game would be on a Tuesday, meaning the teams playing this game essentially get a third bye week). The day after the season opener, CBS (on Wednesday) and FOX (on Thursday) each get a prime-time doubleheader split with NFL Network (Game 1 kicks off at 7:35 PM in the east on CBS/FOX and 4:30 PM PT on NFL Network, Game 2 kicks off at 8:05 PM in the west on CBS/FOX and 11:05 PM ET on NFL Network). ESPN still has their opening Monday Night doubleheader as well. Week 2 does have a Thursday Night game on NFL Network and CBS kicking off as it does now. Teams in this game are from those who played in mid-week games in Week 1. No mid-week games after Week 2 until Thanksgiving Week. All teams get their first "bye" week no later than Week 10 (or 11 if playing during Thanksgiving Week). The Sundays before and after Thanksgiving have very thin schedules due to bunch of mid-week games during Thanksgiving week. This includes: A new Thanksgiving EVE doubleheader that Wednesday on NFL Network and CBS with both games on NFL Network and CBS airing Game 1 in the East at 7:35 PM ET and Game 2 in the West at 8:05 PM ET (11:05 PM ET). Teams playing in these games get a bye ahead of it. Four Thanksgiving Day games at 12:05 PM ET (Lions), 3:40 PM ET (Cowboys) and NBC having a doubleheader with games at 7:35 and 11:40 PM ET (the late game often hosted by the Rams). Teams playing in these games get a bye ahead of it. A new "Black Friday" game in London that Friday at 2:00 PM ET (7:00 PM in London) airing on ESPN. This either is a new game for ESPN or it replaces the second game of the opening Monday Night doubleheader. Teams get a bye before this game. A new Wednesday-after-Thanksgiving game hosted on a alternating basis by the Jets or Giants tied to the tree lighting in Rockerfeller Plaza that would be at halftime of such a game that would kick at 8:05 PM ET with an extended halftime for the tree lighting. Teams playing this game will have played in one of the Wednesday or Thursday games that week. A Thursday Night doubleheader the following Thursday with games at 7:35 and 11:05 PM ET split between NFL Network and NBC. This would generally also be between teams that played Wednesday or Thursday if possible. Another Thursday nighter in Week 14 as done now with teams getting a bye week before that game. Quadrupleheaders in Weeks 15-17 on Saturday with games at Noon, 3:30, 7:30 and 11:30 PM ET, including Christmas week so long as Christmas does not fall on Saturday or Sunday and New Year's Day does not fall on a Saturday. CBS and FOX get their "double doubleheaders" in Week 17 as well. Week 18 would have all games in one conference kicking off at 3:00 PM and the other conference at 6:45 PM ET and divided up between ALL of the NFL's broadcast partners. NBC would get the #1 game in each slot. CBS and FOX would split the #2-3 games in each spot. ABC and ESPN would split the #4-5 slots (ABC is involved to keep elected officials happy), NFL Network (also airing on COZI-TV, NBC's DT-2 Channel) would get the #6 game in each spot and FS1 and SPIKE TV (also airing on BUZZR, FOX's DT-4 Channel and Decades, CBS's DT-2 Channel) would split the #7-8 games in each spot. This would be no different than to how most sports leagues around the world handle the final days of their seasons, including all of soccer along with MLB (which for the last couple of years has had all games at 3:05 PM ET on the last day). That's how I would fix it.
  13. Ben McAdoo On Hot-Seat - 2 Players Squeal

    Heard about this two days ago. The Giants have for now brushed this off, but I would not be surprised barring a massive turnaround to say 7-9 that McAdoo is toast after this year.
  14. SkyCam to be primary view for Titans-Steelers next TNF

    This is more for casual fans. It does help see the field more clearly and what the QB actually sees.
  15. Arians may retire anyway due to health issues.