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  1. Wallyhorse

    Head coaching carousel

    Funny thing was, I heard him with Michael Kay on 98.7 (Jets radio home) after that and he came off much better.
  2. Wallyhorse

    Jags To Hire John DeFilippo As New OC

    And the Jags instantly become the favorites to land Foles.
  3. Wallyhorse

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    Now we know Fipp is going to be the OC in Jacksonville: This likely means the Jags will be all-in in the Nick Foles sweepstakes.
  4. Go back to 1987 when Bo Jackson was taken first overall. He chose to play for the Royals.
  5. Wallyhorse

    JD Gibbs, son of Joe Gibbs passes away.

    And a top owner in NASCAR, as much his passion as coaching.
  6. Wallyhorse

    Conf. Championship games

    Chargers right now are showing why the Eagles should NOT fly back home but instead either stay in NO or head straight to LA if they win today, having already worked out practice arrangements ahead of time.
  7. Wallyhorse

    Head coaching carousel

    It shouldn't, but there was conversation in a few places that Williams was considered "personna non grata" for HC jobs because of the bounty incident and the Browns making him permanent HC would create untended consequences for the Browns. There would have been some slamming the Browns and the NFL for making Williams the permanent HC.
  8. Wallyhorse

    Head coaching carousel

    Also setting it up so if successful, Arians can retire in a few years with a successor in place.
  9. Wallyhorse

    Head coaching carousel

    Apparently they didn't want to risk losing Kitchens to another team looking for an HC. Williams also would have brought unintended consequences for the Browns as the permanent HC due to the "bounties" years ago that led to his being suspended for a year by the NFL. The NFL might have privately told the Browns they could face sanctions or at least require a "show-cause" if he were made the permanent HC because of that.
  10. Wallyhorse

    Conf. Championship games

    I suspect they'd work with Pasadena officials for permission to use the Rose Bowl for the AFC Championship game.
  11. Texas Tech is NOT a small school, but they have to compete with Texas, Oklahoma, West Virginia, TCU, etc. in the Big 12. He didn't have the talent at Texas Tech. As said above, Steve Mariucci was 6-5 at Cal the year before he went to the 49ers.
  12. They are going to be cleaning house in Arizona: Larry Fitzgerald is going to retire in all likelihood unless he decides to go elsewhere next year. They will need to hit on their draft picks. I'd not be surprised if they trade the overall #1 pick to a club desperate for a QB and get a king's ransom for it.
  13. Ironically I would have gone with Arians when the time came to replace Andy here as Arians had coached here before at Temple.
  14. Kingsbury was much better than his record would indicate. He has to compete in the Big 12 with Oklahoma, Texas, West Virginia, etc. and those schools all have much better players. He made the most with what he had. Just remember, Steve Mariucci was hired as 49ers HC off a 6-5 season at California years ago and he did fine in the NFL.
  15. Wallyhorse

    Where does Nick Foles wind up next season?

    Raiders are more concerned about Las Vegas in 2020. They are tanking for Tua (Alabama QB) in 2020 OR Trevor Lawrence (Clemson QB) in 2021.