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  1. We're heading for 9-7 just like last year too, the difference is that we won't be able to luck into a wildcard

    Foles is 0-3 this year.  Its time to let it go.

    It would make it so much easier to point to 1 position and say: "that's it, that's the problem"

    Unfortunately its not that easy, there are many more problems. The Eagles desperately need to get healthy, and when and if they do that, they must develop some sort of identity.  

  2. 1 minute ago, Cochis_Calhoun said:

    He doesn't want to sling it though unless our guy is running in blown coverage, Wilson hit Lockett Today down the chimney with a rainbow, and hit another guy along the sideline by dropping it over the DB, Carson wouldn't throw those passes because the guy didn't have separation, and the Seahawks receivers dropped all sorts too, but Wilson still took the shot, because he isn't trying to protect his pick numbers.

    Carson is gun shy, so our offense is within 12 yards of the LOS all the time, easy to defend as anything.

    Thats just not true.  Both of his interceptions were him throwing the ball before the guy was open.  Its just not working

  3. 5 minutes ago, Cochis_Calhoun said:

    Actually he had options Today like hit your tailback 3 yards away,  throw to your tailback in the flat rather than eat yet another sack, throw to Ward wide open 20 yards downfield or force a throw to Matthews and get picked off.  Wentz made zero plays when it mattered Today, You're defending a game even his most ardent defenders are admitting wasn't good.

    Even the announcers were calling him out Today.

    He played poorly today, I wont argue that

    Some of them were just bad decisions, se bad throws, some were miscommunications.

    But as much as its his job to execute, its also on the coaches to put him in a position to succeed and theyre flatout not doing it

    When he did actually get a couple drives going, Pryor decided to hold on 2nd & 1 and then we called a screen.  Series over.

    On another, Doug calls an asinine delayed draw, fumble on the exchange, and the Seahawks take it the other way.

    The entire offensive side of the ball is a dumpster fire.  Thats why I blame the coaches more than any 1 player

  4. 3 minutes ago, Road to Victory said:

    I was with you last week but he was just horrible today. Sure, his receivers can’t get open but when they do he misses them by a mile. His pocket presence has really regressed too. How he didn’t know that defender was on the ground swiping at the ball, I’ll never know, He just looks like a rookie out there, not a guy making $30m or whatever he makes. I think Doug should bring back his rookie playbook and build his confidence.

    Im not going to sit here and make excuses for him

    What pisses me off are the people that are literally never in this thread. Ever.  But want to come in here saying "hes trash" or actually saying they'd rather have Dak, or that he deserves to be benched just because.  These dudes are the guys smashing their remotes against the wall and throwing tantrums. 

  5. 1 minute ago, Iron_Eagle_04 said:

    Wentz was bad today no getting around it.

    That being said,  he is the QB at least through 2020 and probably beyond so there is no point in going to much off the deep end on him alone when injuries have reduced his supporting cast to high school level.  

    Hes obviously getting very little coaching.  Look at the improvements he made from '16 to '17 with a good staff around him.  But as I mentioned before, we now have an average staff spread really thin because of poor decisions/injuries

    Im starting to wonder now if that is the reason they tried to retain these veterans: because they lack the ability to coach up young players

    I literally cant think of any young players that have markedly improved under this staff

    Just go down the list, no one has gotten better and many have gotten way, way worse

  6. The OL failure was so predictable, and once Brooks went down it was all over.  Doug and especially Groh, they just flatout dont have the tools or experience to work through these challenges.  Theyre basically putting Wentz on and island and hoping be bails them out.   

    He needs coaching, too.  But theyre having to spend time getting Ajayi into the fold, familiarizing bad WRs with a bad offensive scheme, arbitrarily moving OLman around to new positions.  A total coaching failure

  7. All these little boys screaming about Wentz, Id love to see someone go to your profession, take away all the resources you have, and then ish all over you when you make mistakes

    Give the guy some help and then judge him.  He has two options every time he's taking the field right now: play like super man, or the team loses

    Playing "good" wont be good enough.  He knows it, our opponents know it. Its pathetic the way people want to bury him right now at his lowest point.   F off

  8. I actually hope Howard, Alshon, all these guys just stay out

    Wentz has to learn how to play on a loser, something he hasnt done much in his life

    Hes going to have to learn how to be like Brady.   Just fall down, throw into the bleachers.  Idiot fans will kill him either way, so just put it on the coaches and his teammates

  9. Doug and these coaches are totally lost, they dont have the answers

    For all the crap Ive given Schwartz, at least he has the experience to try and work through injuries and he has a clear picture of what he wants to do


    Doug is getting exposed as clueless.  Even if we had all our players, we dont have an identity.  On top of that, hes naive.  He wrote a book literally titled "Fearless" but hes coaching scared and hes not man enough to hold people accountable

    We're in big, big trouble unless Howie bails them out with some magic

  10. the real key is whether Carson dresses or not.  If he doesnt dress, theres literally no reason to keep him on the active roster.  But if he dresses, then youre asking him to wear his jersey and sit on the sidelines.  I think Carson could handle it, I think the team could handle the distraction, but it would be an intriguing situation.

    I understand the logic in keeping Wentz around just in case, but if he doesnt dress, theres a very very low chance he would even be able to contribute.  That would me that Foles started the game, got injured at some point, but the Eagles still won.  Then Wentz comes in next week to start. 

    Maybe if Foles got hurt very late in the game and we had a lead.  But I dont see Sudfeld having a ton of success if he has to play a significant period.  Weird situation.

  11. Wentz is the best thing to happen to this franchise in probably 50+ years, and Ill physically fight anyone who says otherwise

    We need to circle the wagons and support Wentz, he's the f'ing man and he'll keep us in contention for the SB his entire career.


    The fact that a professional put this on paper is a disgrace.  The team is more than Wentz, and they failed this year.    Someone please go and look up the running game statistics....just look what happened last night after the first drive.  That ish isn't right.  Thats not how you play winning football and thats not how we won the SB last year.