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  1. we minimize because we become informed. You rant and rave about cheating because you don't. its easier that way, huh? No effort has to be put forth... so cool story bro ... 🙄 here you go ... rationalize that one away ... the basis for the "scientific" study into deflate gate... then tell me i minimize what happened...
  2. everyplayer hands over their phone? No. The people who handed over their phones were employees of the Patriots, who had their phones paid for by the Patriots. The Team provided the phones at the leagues request. Brady's phone was his private phone, one that he paid for. The league had no right to it, does not have subpoena powers to force Brady, or anyone else, to turn it over. as to spygate, why did the league destroy the tapes? because Goodell is an idiot. The official reason was, and i'm paraphrasing here, 'to make sure they were never used again' ... Believe me, it would be much easier if the tapes were made public. One of the tapes is in the hands of a reporter, Jay Glazier... he has a copy on his phone... its pretty boring... and one of the New York news stations got ahold of the tapes when it happened, and played it on air... the same station that Goodell's wife worked for... so its not like the tapes are some top secret videos that no one has ever scene... But just remember - the League destroyed them... Not The Patriots, not Belichick... The League... yeah, in a perfect world nobody has anything to hide... but in the real world, people do have things that they dont want others to see... who knows, maybe Brady got pissed off that he was being lead to the gallows over a farts worth of air and smashed the phone because he was pissed off at the injustice of it all. Man, read the wells report. There is all kinds of crap in there that just doesn't make sense... The league went so far as to gainsay what Walt Coleman said about what gauges were used on what footballs because it better suited their argument... and then in the report, they presented images of the gauges against a ruler ... manipulating them ... to make the needles seem closer in size... Too much stuff like that went on.
  3. The only one continuously spouting off hate and vitriol is you. Thats the only common thread i see. Everyone else has been fun to talk to, just having a little back and forth. You, though, I bet are from Cranston.
  4. brady was a direct beneficiary? of course he was... and so weren't the other teams who filmed opposing teams... remember, we pointed this out... its not against the rules to this day to tape teams although the significance has dropped off since they allowed defensive communications... why did he destroy the phone... i can guess... a big fu to roger ... and man, that last statement is just silly. you open your life up to every tom D and harry out there because you "got nothing to hide" ? you got a password on your phone? you got banking apps? credit card apps? pics of your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend? make a little sense here... the league has no right to anyones private phone... they had all the team owned phones in their possession... they were fishing...
  5. embarrassing? That we lost? nah. 2007 maybe, that one hurt because what could have been, but to be honest, 1985 was a much more embarrassing game. and come on man, Patriots fans subscribe to group think? lol ... did you type that with a straight face? and at least be honest here ... People hate the Patriots because they win. Its the same story over and over... "They hate us because They ain't us" became a cliche for a reason...
  6. no need to get upset here Norseman ... and Embarassing? lol So then basically you are saying the eagles super bowl team was crap? Because losing to a crap team is the only way that would be embarrassing... and really, dude, you got a lot to learn about embarrassing... Losing to the Iggles sucked, yes, but The Pats lost twice to Eli... That's embarrassing. Losing to the Iggles pales in comparison. So much so it doesn't even rate. and your going to try and dog on the GOAT because he's affectionate with his kids? allllrighty then and *sigh* the league didn't actually prove that he orchestrated anything... the actual report was inconclusive ... its out there, read it... or not, most people don't want to educate themselves... easier to be spoon fed babyfood by espn and the like i guess... either way, don't care if you do or you don't... In the end it stopped being about the footballs being "deflated" and became more about Goodells power and the NFL's bad faith arbitration process... So, yeah, he was suspended four games for what amounted to being an equipment violation... big whoop... but at no point did they prove he cheated. In the end it boils down to this... 6 Super Bowl Championships in 9 appearances... He has led the most dominant dynasty the NFL has ever seen. Twenty years ... and counting... Think about that man... he has played in 40 post season games... That's more than two full seasons... Everyone else pales in comparison. and dude you live in RI? lol, me too... shoot me a pm, lemme know where you at... zip code is fine
  7. Apologist? Never. Defender of the Wall. Don't want to get into it, then don't. It's the off-season, camp hasn't started... So meh... A few rounds of this and that won't hurt... But if you do get into the mix, bring something to the table besides accusations. As for the ops question, rings do matter. They should be considered when evaluating the career of a QB. Nothing should be parsed in a vacuum though. That's why it's ok to not place a guy like dilfer with one ring over a guy like Dan Marino or Jim Kelly.
  8. was Brady out there taping on the sidelines with a camera during spygate? No. The phone in deflategate ... you do realize that the League had the phones of every one involved not named brady? So they had access to all the texts or calls he sent to any one possibly involved... and you got what? Moron 1 calling Moron 2 dorito dink So again I ask - What evidence? There is none.
  9. don't follow basketball?
  10. Why bring Kyrie Irving into this?
  11. filming was perfectly legal. The only thing the Patriots did wrong was have the camera in an inappropriate location. The actual rule is below... they pere penalized because Goodell is an a** ... but hey, if you want to defend how goodell handles things, be my guest
  12. neither did Brady, so ...
  13. if thats all you can come up with, then i know im right