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  1. I did not realize the Senate was in session the day after Thanksgiving. Go 'merica
  2. Pape

    Would You Take the Arizona Job?

    Normally someone would be foolish to pass on a head coaching opportunity, but Arizona is kinda a mess right now. Out of the 22 starting positions, 8 are on the wrong side of 30 (including Palmer) and 10 if you count both the kicker and punter. Add to that the Cardinals only have 5 picks in this years draft, pending the announcement of compensatory draft picks. That's a pretty big mess to correct without a lot of room to maneuver. On the bright side, they do have some talent on that roster, on the defensive side of the ball for the most part. Chandler Jones, Tyrann Mathieu, Patrick Peterson are a pretty talented group, so there are some real assets there. The offense though, looks pretty bleak. David Johnson is it - and one has to hope that he returns to form in 2018. Not sure what Larry Fitzgerald's intentions are for 2018, so that's kinda a wait and see. Be a good job for a long term coordinator looking to try on the head coach cap, or a re-tread (Hi Jeff Fisher ) looking to get back into the game to take. Not sure if I was an up and coming coaching prospect I'd want this job. Would/Could be a rough way to start a career.
  3. Good, hope they strip the raiders of a few high level draft picks and a ton of money. Make Prince Valiant Mark Davis open up that check book and fork over some fine money. He should have plenty, seeing how much $ he saves by cutting his hair with a flowbee.
  4. Pape

    Who Worst of 3 Winless Teams since 1976

    32 out of the 64 players on the '76 Bucs were rookies (22) or 1st year players (10). An additional 12 were 2nd year players. Only 9 guys on that team had more than 4 years experience in the NFL. So depends on how you want to categorize majority, but the majority of the '76 Bucs were not what I would call NFL veterans. Compare that to the roster the Seahawks built in 1976. They had far fewer rookies and 1 year players. They were far from great, but they did manage two wins in their first season, and 5 the following year. Without a doubt the 1976 Bucs were the worst team. They just had no chance, and the NFL did little to help the '76 expansion franchises; and the Bus, worst of all, did little to nothing to help themselves building a roster filled with rookies and cast offs. I would put the Browns 2nd on that list. The simple reason being is that they have blown so many high draft picks over the past five years, they should have been stocked. But that front office was/is just so inept, that they couldn't even manage to build a team with all those picks. Its mind boggling how bad they are. And that they kept Hue Jackson? omg, really? The guy is 1-35 as the head coach.
  5. Pape

    Thomas Davis Suspended Two Games

    The suspension was reduced to one game today
  6. The last active roster increase was in March of 1993 (same year they had the double bye weeks). The roster went from 47 players to 53, with 45 +1 (The emergency QB) active players. === If the NFL wanted to go for two bye weeks, then they would really need to increase the number of games in the regular season. The NFL went to double bye weeks to increase the season to 18 weeks in 93 as well. People didn't like it. It was a real grind (for the fan/viewers) having to sit thru two bye weeks. The owners dropped it back down to 1 bye week in '94, which works pretty well, after they tweaked it in
  7. Pats have had this policy in place for a long time now. You can use their ticket exchange, but are forewarned selling tickets can lead to you losing your account. Haven't heard of it happening to anyone, but the sth contract reserves the right. There is no psl in new england, as Kraft built the stadium with his own $, so if your team has a psl, then ymmv.