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  1. devaster

    Is Antonio Brown worse than Terrell Owens?

    He hasn't done anything on the field yet. T.O. was a cancer on the sidelines and field. Media just needs something to talk about.
  2. devaster

    Lamar Miller tears ACL

    No, not like Amari. Amari still had a couple years left on his deal and was under team control when they traded for him. Trading for Clowney means trading for a player you can't sign to along-term contract and have no control over beyond this season. And the odds Clowney even signs his franchise tag and plays for another team are low anyway. He wants a long-term deal and that ship has sailed for this season.
  3. devaster

    Lamar Miller tears ACL

    I'd like to see a team trade for a player they can't sign to a long-term deal.
  4. devaster

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    Grigson definitely doomed the team. Set them back for years. And ultimately prematurely played a hand in ending the career of their franchise QB.
  5. devaster

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    Can never predict injuries. The lacerated kidney and shoulder injury really did him in. Otherwise he was on a HoF trajectory. I don't think he was a bust at all. He was a great QB when healthy. He took some really bad teams deep into the playoffs when they had no business being there early in his career. Then it got derailed by injuries. Peyton's career in Indy was also derailed by a serious injury that popped up out of nowhere and ended up ultimately shortening his career. I question what goes on behind the scenes in Indy and their FO, owner, and medical staff.
  6. devaster

    Andrew Luck decides to retire

    Sad news for the NFL and NFL fans. Hopefully he gets it together and his health and outlook on life improve. There is going to be a lot more to this story. And I think the Colts FO, owner, and medical staff played a big part in it.
  7. devaster

    Are you rooting for Andy Reid now?

    This. I also don't want to see the Rams win. I've heard enough slobbering over McVay, Goff, the Rams, and the LA fair weather fans. Pederson should have won coach of the year last season with the job he did. But I guess he wasn't young enough and flashy enough.
  8. devaster

    Suh would play for free???

    He plays with an edge on the field and has had some bad personal fouls, but nothing like Burfict or other players in the AFC North. And he has had zero issues off the field. Appears like a really nice dude off the field. Some guys are different animals on the field. I have no issue with a player having an edge on the field. Some of them need it.
  9. devaster

    Suh would play for free???

    I'm just wondering if any of this is considered "tampering".
  10. devaster

    Suh would play for free???

    Not really. He could probably play a dominant level for another 4-5 seasons. And he is much better than Jernigan.
  11. devaster

    Suh would play for free???

    Reports coming out of Miami have them releasing Suh. So he will probably be available in FA. He is still one of the difference makers as an interior DLineman. Even if they did get him on a cheap deal I'm not sure how that rotation works. Jernigan is solid. Suh and Cox would be a nightmare for opposing teams.
  12. devaster

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    PFF has been giving him good grades. I think it is a good indicator of his play. He will get a big contract from another team in FA. But the Patriots have no pass rush or at least not one good enough to get through our top-4 OLinemen. So another CB wasn't going to make a difference. They set a post-season record for passing yards combined. Another CB wasn't going to matter. They couldn't stop us running the ball or throwing to our RB's or TE's either.
  13. devaster

    What Pats fans are saying as their dynasty crumbles

    Every player on both teams were committing PI on the hail mary. Can't call OPI or DPI on a hail mary. Gronk was routinely pushing off with that big shoulder brace of his. The Patriots OL had a bunch of holds leading to 7s+ in the pocket for Brady and big plays. Refs called a weak defensive holding on us in the 2nd quarter on 3rd down after the INT to maintain the momentum for the Patriots. They scored 7 after the refs gifted them the momentum to continue that drive. Jeffery's arm was being held on that play that led to the INT. Let them play? Jeffery had to make an attempt at a one-handed catch because he only had one arm to use. DPI not called. For the most part the refs were keeping the flags in their pockets outside of those two really weak defensive holds calls. Gronk flopped on his.
  14. devaster

    Teams you hate worse than the Patriots? If any?

    Maybe it is because I've been surrounded by way too many Cowboys fans. And the bandwagon nature of them since the 90's. The constant media coverage hyping the Cowboys every season. Their fanbase is insufferable. TO going to the Cowboys. Meh. I hate that team and their fans. That doesn't mean I don't like the Eagles enough. Obviously I'm not happy about only winning 2 games. But if we can beat the Cowboys or help ruin their season at all it is a silver-lining in a failed season.
  15. devaster

    Teams you hate worse than the Patriots? If any?

    If the Eagles only win 2 games in a season and those games are against the Cowboys that is a "winning" season to me.