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  1. [News] Wisniewski Returns On Three-Year Deal

    I love the fact that they're addressing solidifying the o-line after it was neglected for 2 years by that nitwit Chip Kelly. Wentz needs consistent protection if he's going to have a chance to succeed. Kelce needs to be moved ASAP. His skill set is diminished, and limited for that matter.
  2. [News] Admiring Wentz, The Athlete, And More

    Why on Earth would you call a ridiculous gadget play that requires your QB (who just came back in from a concussion protocol review) to throw a lead block??? Not too bright, Doug P, not too bright...
  3. [News] Admiring Wentz, The Athlete, And More

    I want my Kelly green back, dammit!
  4. This is my first season in a long while without DirecTV. Looks like I have to hit the So Fla bars this year. Would be nice to do that with other die-hards sporting the midnight green..