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  1. 9 hours ago, UK_EaglesFan89 said:

    Not what we are all feeling, not when you factor in all aspects.

    My point was we’re likely all feeling we need secondary help and would love a player of Ramsey’s caliber, but logically he cost too much for a team that clearly needs to add draft picks, not exchange them. Regardless, I hate when players "anonymously” scoop dirt on their team. If you’re upset, be man enough to identify yourself. 

  2. "For the Eagles offensive coaches, it might be time to stop being slaves to a depth chart it often claims doesn't exist and throw the more gifted player into the deep end of the pool when it comes to Arcega-Whiteside vs. Hollins. "

    Best line of the article. 

    Why did it take so long to figure out that Jordan Howard was the best back we had and needed more touches? Why isn't Dallas Goedert a bigger part of our offense? Why doesn't JJAW get more opportunities?  I thought we drafted "impact" players, not projects?