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  1. 3 minutes ago, JimsEagles said:

    Were all talkin how worried we are about foles...and clearly we should be, but the playcalling, AGAIN, has been atrocious...DP needs to wake up

    It’s quite possible...just theoretically speaking here....that Doug is not interested in unfolding the playbook to show every team in the playoffs how he intends to put Foles in a good position to make plays. It has been predictable and vanilla- so either we’re seeing all the Eagles have without Carson Wentz or they are playing close to the vest. 

    Lord I hope that’s the case.

  2. 58 minutes ago, CarrierDomeDog said:

    It was made on that play, but Pederson (and other talking heads) speculate that it was a non-contact injury that came from planting his foot before taking off. Ligament tears don't really happen when up in the air.

    I think it came from the blow to the left leg on the tackle in the endzone. The force of the blow seemed to hyper-extend his leg into an odd angle from the knee; his lower leg went left, his thigh (at the knee) took the force the blow to the right. When I saw the replay of the hit, I immediately suspected a lower leg injury - even a potential fracture to the tibia or fibula. Just my observation of the play.