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  1. 9 hours ago, UK_EaglesFan89 said:

    So after sleeping on it I think I come to two conclusions. 

    The first is that actually the way we lost that game is really bad. We have said before that good teams find a way to win and bad teams find ways to lose. Right now this team is in that second bracket. 

    The second is... This team is banged up and has a lot of injuries but perhaps this team just isn't that good. Right now we can't overcome these injuries. And when we look at the areas that are hurting us it's the exact areas we had concerns about this off season last season. 


  2. 10 minutes ago, time2rock said:

    Most pundits called this team extremely deep and overflowing with talent all offseason.  Crazy how quickly the narrative has changed.  

    The preseason months are designed to crank the hype. It sells tickets, advertising, and merchandising. Dynasty be damned...it’s all about the dollar$$$. 

  3. I don’t know guys. To me the O line looks like they’re either phoning it in or they are just too old and slow to be effective anymore. And the D line’s much vaunted depth was preseason overhype. Schwartz has run the same scheme and the NFL has figured how to beat it. Just negate the pass rush and attack the weakest corner, which seems to be almost everyone so far. Run D is stout, but until we pressure the QB into making mistakes and stop handing second tier receivers 100 yard games, I can’t see us being much better than .500 with our schedule. We’re not an elite team and we don’t have an elite coaching staff in general who know how to use talent (Duce, Groh, Undlin).  Add to that our poor drafts and there’s the potential to be dropped entirely from playoff conversations for a few seasons without some sort of change from the FO. That’s my optimistic take!

  4. This is just a very bad football team right now that was hiding behind the ridiculous hype during the off-season. Talent evaluation, the running game, "rotational backs”, both lines, gameplanning and a bend and bend some more secondary are all killing this team. I don’t see a fix that’s going to make this team suddenly "elite” this season.