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  1. The NFL is entertainment. As such, I theorize that officials are permitted, and perhaps encouraged, to guide the course of a game to a desired outcome likely influenced by marketshare, Vegas lines, merch sales, and probably good old fashioned corruption. Now, as pessimistic a view that this is, one has to conceded that if this is indeed true, then the Eagles SB win was also "assisted" via the same mechanism. If the tentacles of corruption have indeed reached this far into the game, it will never change until the integrity of the game is more important to season ticket holders and advertisers than the product we currently tolerate. The officiating during the Dallas game did absolutely nothing to dissuade me from this pessimistic view of the NFL. 

  2. I just wish the Eagles could find a way to be in the mix for a string of seasons. They won the SB last year, yes. But to plummet to such disgrace the season following doesn't do much to encourage fans to think this team has the pieces in place to be a perennial contender. Is that too much to ask or should I just be happy with the SB win and look forward to another decade of frustration and mediocrity as the price to pay? For some reason, this season hurts worse than I thought it would in the afterglow of a SB win.