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  1. flyeaglesfly000

    New Roof

    I was looking back at and thought it may have been a study. Thanks for the info.
  2. flyeaglesfly000

    New Roof

    Interesting and I like it! I wonder when it will be completed.
  3. flyeaglesfly000

    New Roof

    Oh ok, thanks. That makes sense. That’s what I heard.
  4. Did you see they added a new roof? I wonder if it’s on both sidelines and which sections they cover. This could be good for holding in sound. Even with the extra sections added a few years ago, I still this the stadium was built too open.
  5. flyeaglesfly000

    Novacare Practices

    I actually got picked this year. First time since they started at the Nova Care. It was great! However, one or two players were assigned to each tent at the end of practice, except the season ticket holder tent. So if you didn’t have the right color bracelet, you couldn’t get a picture or autograph. Thought the kids could meet Jake Elliott since the line was short but they were turned away (not by him, a worker). But at least they met the rookies while they had to get Rita’s for the vets. Other than that, it was a nice experience, especially for the kids!
  6. Any season ticket holders get picked for the private practices at the Novacare?
  7. flyeaglesfly000

    draft party

    Ok thanks! So they did have free tickets. Thanks I win the argument!
  8. flyeaglesfly000

    draft party

    How much were the tickets for Eagles season holders? Someone said they were $200, but I always thought they were free. That person said I would have asked you to go if they were free, and I deleted the email by accident ugh! Please help settle an argument. Thank you!!!
  9. flyeaglesfly000

    Green Legion Home Tailgate

    I have not tailgated with them for a home game because we have our own car/group of people that we tailgate with. I have traveled with them for 10 years to different cities and all have been a great time. They managed to have a tailgate on the Santa Monica Pier for the LA game, tailgated in Miami Dolphins stadium and much more. But I can’t comment on home games.