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  1. flyeaglesfly000

    draft party

    Ok thanks! So they did have free tickets. Thanks I win the argument!
  2. flyeaglesfly000

    draft party

    How much were the tickets for Eagles season holders? Someone said they were $200, but I always thought they were free. That person said I would have asked you to go if they were free, and I deleted the email by accident ugh! Please help settle an argument. Thank you!!!
  3. flyeaglesfly000

    Green Legion Home Tailgate

    I have not tailgated with them for a home game because we have our own car/group of people that we tailgate with. I have traveled with them for 10 years to different cities and all have been a great time. They managed to have a tailgate on the Santa Monica Pier for the LA game, tailgated in Miami Dolphins stadium and much more. But I can’t comment on home games.
  4. flyeaglesfly000

    Jetro Parking Lot

    Yes I am guessing lots will open at 11:40.
  5. flyeaglesfly000

    Jetro Parking Lot

    I thought it was 7 hours before the game starts so that would be 9:30. I have been tailgating for years and that’s what it has been unless they changed it.
  6. flyeaglesfly000


    Face value? Sorry I don’t think that will happen unless a friend is willing to sell them to you.
  7. flyeaglesfly000

    Eagles @ Rams

    I'm tailgating with thousands of Eagles fans on the Santa Monica Pier. They have buses that bring you to and from the game. The information is on
  8. flyeaglesfly000

    Broncos @ Eagles

    I have never had a problem but I guess you never know. Ticketmaster exchange comes from season ticket holders or people who bought through Ticketmaster.
  9. flyeaglesfly000

    Broncos @ Eagles

    Tickets are sold out for that game unless you want standing room only. I would check out stubhub or Ticketmaster exchange.
  10. flyeaglesfly000

    1st game

    That's a preseason game so you should be able to find a lot of cheap tickets in the lower level.
  11. flyeaglesfly000

    Parking Pass

    That's a good idea! I'm surprised we didn't receive an email about the invoice. Did you get one? Maybe they want less people to buy the parking pass. I was hoping my friends with season tickets were offered to buy a pass. It's a good thing we get there early bc they turned a lot of people away with no passes.
  12. flyeaglesfly000

    Parking Pass

    I was just able to purchase the parking pass. My friends who have accounts were not offered a pass. I guess because they didn't by the pass the first year it was offered.
  13. flyeaglesfly000

    Parking Pass

    Ok thanks!
  14. Has any season ticket holders received the invoice for the parking pass? If not, does anyone know when they are sending them out? Thank you!
  15. flyeaglesfly000

    2017 West Coast Road Games

    I was really looking forward to the San Diego trip. But I guess I'll have to check out the dates for the LA games. I would like to go to at least one.